Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dialog bersama KJ

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Last day of 2015, aku nak merepek sket dekat blog yang aku dah lupa kewujudan dia. Demmmm punya owner!

Semalam aku join game. I mean outdoor game. Nametag ripping acah2 macam variety show Runningman Korea nun..

Tetengah rancak team member aku ripping tag, aku nampak satu kelibat. Tinggi, pakai kemeja putih sinsing lengan baju, dan pakai slack hitam. Aku tenung lama-lama. Damn! I was mesmerized by that!

Bila aku perhati lama-lama, a a a a a KJ kot! Did u know KJ? Sure you will! Khairy Jamaluddin. He is Malaysia's Minister of Youth and Sports. Unconsciously, aku follow KJ lepaih aku nampak kelibat dia dan kawan-kawan aku punya reaction be like "kau kenapa?"

Depa pun ikut jalan dengan aku dari belakang. Timing pulak sebab group aku dah habeyh rip nametag. 

"KJ! What are you doing here?"

"I was.." (Dan tetiba lari kejar anak dia)

KJ menapak ke depan sebab anak kedua dia tetiba wat acara marathon. Lepas tuh aku nampak dia tahan anak dia. Aku jalan dengan laju, sampai aku jumpa balik kelibat KJ.

"So, you are here today?"

KJ smiled.

"Hey let me guest your son name." 

"Sure! Did you know him?"

"Turn to me please"

"Hey, turn around son. She wants to guess your name."

His son turned around showing his fully face.

"I knew it! You're Puma!"

"Yes!! Correct." KJ shouted happily.

"Where's Cougar? I like him!"

"He's not around. Raif..??"



"Leo..?? Your youngest son. Hahaha. I don't know bout him. He's still baby. Well, I followed Cougar." 

"Oh well.." (KJ smiling)

"Okay, since I am right guessing Puma name, let's have a snap of picture."

"Sure! Puma! Let's have a picture."

Since aku nervous, sambil skrol apps I.G nak klik icon tengah lambang camera. Aku santai tanya KJ.

"KJ, dah lama you x upload gambar kat I.G."

"Really..?? I was busy" 

(Dalam hati) Kenapa aku gagap plakk nak tekan button camera niyhhhhh. Parkinson ka....

Tetiba muka aku panas. Blushing x hengat


Iman la ni pukui berapa..??


Damn! Subuh aku! Imannnnnn, kenapa aku perlu tanya jam pukui berapa di saat aku nak tekan click ja ambik gambaq dengan KJ nak post kat I.G. Huwaaaaa


Maka itulah mimpi indah aku untuk hari terakhir 2015. Hahahahahaha. 3 hari lepas aku mimpi Fattah Amin declare aku dengan dia official. Tah amenda tah mimpi aku. Kahkah. Still, aku enjoy had a great dream. Kekeke. 

Bye2 2015. 

munirahazmi: sign out

Thursday, July 9, 2015

GISO AUSSIE 2014 Day #2

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Bersempena dengan tahun ke-6 aku menjadi blogger yg pemalas nak update iaitu pada hari niyh, 9/7/2015 marilah aku update cerita baru yang dah lapuk sebenaqnya. Hehe. My second day in Australia begin.. Wkwkwkwk

14 Ogos 2014; Khamis

Before we started our journey, thing-must-do was breakfast! Mwahaha. Today, we had pasta. So very English people! Bhahaha. No nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik and whatsoever Malay dishes. Mwahaha.

Yummehhhhh!! ^^
Thanks Uncle Sam! Hehe

Getting ready for today's journey

This was the story of this photo:

I asked Iejan to capture my solo photo. Then suddenly they want to join me. Lol! ended up grouping photo. Guysssssssss!! Hey yaaa... 

Rehang-Syuhada-Ata'-Zatul-Bell Bell-Eni-Mar-The gorgeous blogger-Iej

Welcome to The University of New South Wales :)

Yeah! The first university we visited. 
We walked for about 2-3 km to arrived there.

Malaysia student there. 
They helped us for campus touring.
 Thanks girls! ^^

Foot steps begin in UNSW

Australia's Halal Sign

UNSW various types of cafeteria as below :)

As for Muslim students, only the first and second cafe were halal to eat :)

This cafe, only the bread which had been separated from other food was halal ;)

These guys, they were too friendly.
When I wanted to snap the photos, they were "hiiiiii" together with hand waving.
Ok. A little bit awkward. 

Nahhhh. Closed the cafeteria topic. 

Then, we headed to UNSW library

Okay... I was impressed by their library.
This section, the student were allowed to sleep. 
Damn! Really envy. Hahaha.

So, my buddies were trying to adapt with this section.
Mwahaha :D

Uh-uh. This is Andrew :)
At first, he was quite shy.
tapi kalaw dah duduk ngan budak USIM, x dak maknanya hang nak malu
He was majored in Historical Studies.
..and he knows about Asia's history and lingua franca too!

Nah aku payung gambaq hampa ngan crush si Rehang Andrew 

Did u notice something 'wrong' with this art..??

It was done by this below person :)

The interior design here

Dear UNSW, do u really need to provide cutie sofa while waiting the lift?
That's why we were like this. 
Ahahahaha >.<

In front of the signature place

That three students said to us that student will take photos in front of this building during graduation day because of that UNSW font. Our photo as a sample; landscape orientation (pm for potrait orientation. lols!)

Jumping moment.
I guess only Malaysian do this free-styled.
Hahaha ;)

Then we had to proceed to second university.

While walking, I noticed that local students love to sit on the green grass. Some read the books, some having their discussion. I was wondering. Should I try..?? Hahaha. And I sit on the grass! Hahaha. I asked Iejan to snap my photo. 

Zuf was like "Mun, u r sitting? Really?" Oh come on Zuf! U will never do this in Malaysia. He joined me.

Suhaib: Me too

Mar without saying anything joined.

Zatul: I wanna join too


It was really like an overseas student!

It was like a small mall. 
I guess..?? Not a bookshop.

The souvenir for the students before we move to next university :)

Next journey.

Lol! Again. Hahahaha
My first photo at 2nd university.
Guess. Which university??

To arrived at the 2nd university, we need to go through grafitti tunnel. Whathella! In Malaysia, you will be charged under vandalism if u did grafitti. Hahaha. This is art. Street art always amazing ;)

acah2 hipster



Welcome to The University of Sydney a.k.a USYD 


It's Hogwart!! 

Truth is, idk what is Hogwart. Hahaha. My buddy said it was like a place in Harry Potter. IDK. Hahhaha. What I know is, I was damn mesmerized with this surrounding. Falling in love! A a a a a a.

The outside of 'Hogwart'

We met these two ladies.
They were from Lebanon.
Well, if my memory still remembered it. 

Leopard scarf was Damia, the one with white scarf, I forgot her name.
I'm sorry. My bad.

Nice meeting both of u!! ^^ <3

Writing on the road with chalk
Cool, right??

That man lying on the ground while eating apple.
Ahahaha. U r awesome!

Mar & Rehang stretched their exhausted leg.

This is Rowrick.
Nice meeting u dude!

C ya USYD!

Both were like a gangster.

USYD's garden was opening to public. 

Souvenirs to 'em.
Thanks for spending ur time with us girls! ^^

Headed to the next destination.
Duhhhh. I love this photo :)

Dr. Hazmi told us to meet his friend while he was studying in Aussie. We thought he was joking. Hahahaha.

Noticed this while walking to meet Dr. Hazmi's friend.
I missed Malaysian cuisine!!

Here she is, Kylie Hope Evaratt. 
She's dietician ^^

We had our lunch together at Muslim Chinese Restaurant. 
apasai muka aku macam nak carik gaduh? lapaq. tu la sebab dia

We had a talk with Kylie. Nahhhh. Initially, there were awkwardness because in Malaysia, we did have sur fix for elder people. Bhahaha. It was quite uncomfortable to just "Kylie". Wkwkwkwk. We ended up called her Kakak Kylie. Kakak in Malay means sister. Guess what? She loves it!

Headed to next destination with Kylie

Seagulls were everywhere

This moment: 
I asked Kylie, how to pronounce seagull. Is it sea-gal or sea-gul. 
Goshhh. My poor English.

Together, let's headed to Darling Harbour!

Bon Voyage!

Under the bridge views

To reach Harbour Bridge, we had to take ferry

Waiting for ferry

ombak feri kat Penang kalah k. okbai. hahaha

In front of Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl Ship. Ok. Lying. 
It look-liked pirate.
Wasn't it? 

walawpun henpon tengah cucuk power bank, suheb tetap gigh ambik gambaq  >.<

Zuf cakap gambaq dia x dak dengan pirate ship uh.
Ok. Another shot. Hahaha

Harbour Bridge! ^^

That was Sydney Opera House! ^^

We didn't have extra expenditure to go c'razy' here. 
Next time. Next time. 
(I wish)

Maghrib prayer on ferry.
It was approximately 5:05 p.m. Aussie time.
Nahhh. In Malaysia it just hit 3:05 p.m.

Getting ready for last pit stop

Welcome back to land! Hahaha

Mineral water provided.
Definitely awesome!! ^_~

This is didgeridoo. Amazing sound!
It was traditional Aborigin music instrumental.

Note: 10AUD was approximately 30MYR.

Headed back to accommodation.

We separated at Central Station.
C ya, Kylie!
Will missed u!
Till we meet again!
Take care :')

Heading to Central Station to catch a bus.

When we arrived at MH, there were Eid open house for Malay student. Basically, they will gather here. So, dinner was unpaid. There were lemang, rendang and many signature dishes for Eid just as  the same as in Malaysia. Check it out if there were ur siblings, friends or relatives guys! Hehe ;)

And.., as for me, i had decided. let just forget about dinner when eyes more attracted to pillow. Such a long day. I'm tired + sleepy + happy. Good night, Sydney! Good night, Malaysia!

when should i write day 3..?? a a a a a.