Saturday, June 30, 2012

FLORIA 2012: Bougainvillea - Enduring Beauty at Putrajaya, Malaysia

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Whoaaa... 1st day of Floria 2012 and i already arrived there. Superb!! (^_~)V I'm really HARDWORKING to write.. Kekekkee. Take a look my photos.. ^^

I knew they were VIP.
But i really don't know who are they. Royal family i guess..??

*ceha, fairus, qibtie, qemah, blog owner.. *

i'm butterfly fairy... lol!!

happy fairus in the house!!

it's hard to get Iejan's photo because she love to be our photographer..
dear makcik mana tah, thanks for beautiful snap shot!! ^^

idk why with these 2 kids.. hehe

'dimension door'

feel like a model!
sorry if you're distracted with my statement. hahaha

confusing mode

like a real frame.. ^^

3D photo *=P

i love this..

We're purple!! ^^

Playing congkak in the garden theme. Haha

Dancing performance from Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

day dreaming: 'Titanic' mode

22 y.o generation..

p/s: KCV.., i'm sorry.. (T_T)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6jib Teaser ~Sexy, Free & Single~

Hello peeps!! ^^


..after 6 days waiting,

finally all teaser out!! Kekkekeke

Everyday day, waiting early in the morning for teaser images.

I do enjoyed it.



i love the bubble.. but why the flower covered his eyes..?? (-_-)


why he's wearing veil..??


1st ever photo i'm in love.
his head accessory and eye make up captured my heart!!


unique. his hair is versatile.. ^^


i love his photo.. it's look plain yet have it's own strength. sentimental value for 100%

24th; YESUNG

if u focused on his face, he looks like a pretty little boy.
he's the only one who had whole body photo shoot.
why? why? i want his face like other members.. (T_T)

25th; KANGIN

i'm really hope his different photo since his comeback.
but..., i'm quite disappointed *sigh*


beautiful.. like a princess. ^^ full stop.


he looks cool.. ^^ an expression of let bygones be bygones


i think he's robin hood the first expression i saw him.
(screaming yes for sure!!)
너무 완벽해서 한 대 때려주고 싶어요, 오빠
love you forever and ever, siwon!!

*i can't keep my smile. sorry*


thanks to SME.., didn't made Siwon Choi like a previous 5jib. really thanks!!

looking forward for this album ^^


Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello peeps!!^^

Who's Hottest..?? Raise you hand!!

Ok. Ok. I see you...

Who's birthday yesterday..???

Who.?? Who..??
I can't hearrrrrrr youuuuuu...

Ok. Nickhun.. ^^

I wanted to post yesterday, but i slept very early.. (^_~)


Thank you guys and all the staffs for the birthday cake!! You guys made it memorable! Love you all!! = ]

Dear Nickhun..,

Happy birthday on yesterday, 24/6. Sorry for late posting on your special day.
Stay health. Hey! Visit Malaysia if you're free. We're just neighbour.. Kekeke

cr: นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล ‏@Khunnie0624

p/s: what happened with taecyeon hand..??? anybody??

*wrote this entry while waiting for Super Junior 6jib teaser*


Friday, June 22, 2012

Al-Bukhary International University -RESTRICTED-

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Such a tired day.. Today i'm helping my Mama at Al Bukhary International University (AIU).. They were appointed as a committee which organize the event.

Al-Bukhary International University (AIU) was private university. It consist of 70% foreigner and 30% local students. To enter this university for local student, as informed by Mama, their parents income was under RM 1000. Well this is such a big honour i could entered AIU. Hoorrayyyy!! ^^

The only prove i had that i really entered AIU..
No major gate photo. Hahaha

Did u saw grey bags..??
I need to put some souvenir inside them

see the way we eat the cake slice..??
absolutely super hungry.. kekeke

the program will start tomorrow

VIP's room
receiving spy mission like a Running Man

rasa cun laa wat cam uu iejanggg..?? heheh

inside the convention centre
feel like a model

...please support our company in the future

what i could say. L-U-X-U-R-I-O-U-S

i didn't sure what is the building..

love the landscape..

yes.. i'm busy for tomorrow. how bout we change the schedule..
bla.. bla.. bla

p/s: everywhere is AIU handsome students.. Kekeke (^_~)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

621 @ryeong9

Hello peeps!!

Even i'm not Ryeosomnia,

I'm still remember his special day.. ^^

Happy birthday KIM RYEO WOOK!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

check-in!! ^^

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Aku x dak apa nak cakap.., cuma aku nak bagitau aku dah sampai

lebih kurang 6 pagi tadi..

sekian..~~ hahaha

Mode: HEAVEN!! ^^

p/s: tenkiu zupal & ceghah.. ^^

p/s 2: mizah sangat terharu hang angkat beg dia yang ringan sampai timbul urat.. RINGAN sangat ka zupal..??? haha. kata tough...


Monday, June 18, 2012

Senyum, x perlu kata apa-apa..

Assalamualaikum..!! ^^

Wah, wah, wah!! Sok paper 2nd last sebelum aku balik beraya sementara tunggu last paper, 29/6 nanti.

Rasa macam malas dah nak pegang buku.. Cewahhhh!! Hotak aku kan? Heheh (^_~) Aku dah x mampu nak pegang buku sebab tiket balik kampung isok dah berada dalam genggaman.. Oh my!! Beta x sabaq nak balik rumah!!

Terbayang-bayang bendang terbentang nan hijau.., udara segar yang disedut setiap kali balik rumah tok terutamanya.. Oh, heaven!! ^^

Cepatla.., aku dah x sabaq. Nak balik.., nak balik... *padahai baca buku x habeyh lagi*

Semangat dah naik.., baiklah saya p baca buku. Malam niyh x tidoq x pa.. Sok qada' dalam bus. Chantek ah!!

p/s: malam terakhir di KK1 *ayat mesti kena over!! *=P


Sunday, June 17, 2012

To my super hero...

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

To my beloved Baba, AZMI BIN YUSOFF..,

Happy Father's Day

Semoga Baba panjang umoq,
murah rezeki,
sihat walafiat,
dilimpahi barakah,
..dan dilindungi di bawah rahmatNYA..

Maafkan kesalahan Munie selama 22 tahun niyh..
..yang membuatkan Baba terasa hati,
sehingga mengalirkan air mata..

Sesungguhnya aku x akan ke syurga jika menyakiti hatimu..

Thanks for everything Baba..

I try very hard to become a good daughter,
..but sometimes i failed..

But i'll never give up..,
..since i knew you always did your best to me.

p/s: i missed u baba. kami balik selasa niyh.. tunggu naa.. heheh