Monday, May 9, 2016

The Moment with Them: Pre C-Day ^^

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Again. I guess three consecutive days I'm covered on C-day. Hahaha. I couldn't move on. Kekeke. This is the last update on C-Day. Hahaha. I'll treasure the moments with all of you guys!

The photo taken by Seha. 

Sebab aku appreciate, aku upload muka gedabak hang!

The only Nanad photo I had on C-Day

Whathella just a photo yet we had internship together. Sama2 kena mengadap Syeikh Kamaruslan, sama2 malaih tulih report. I mean tulih report tapi x submit kat Syeikh. Haha. Sama2 kantoi men game b4 meeting. Eh. Tu aku. Hahahaha.

Also, the only gambaq pre C-Day dengan Tira.

Btw, sekarang dah Puan Atira. Hahaha. Selamat Pengantin Baru, Nurul Atira binti Musa. Semoga bahagia sampai jannah berpimpin tangan dengan Anas bersama-sama. Aamiin.. ^^ Sorry x p walimah hang. Ongkosnya kurang seh!

p/s: apahai mata Iejan cam uh..?? Kakakaka

The kiddos!
Aini, Iejan, Mariam

Reverse photobombed. Hahaha

Taken by Iejan.
Well, I love it!

Iejan be like:
Asai gambaq lawa mesti aku x dak. 

Nak sangadddd jadi photographer kannnn..?? Kekeke.
Sorry babe! Hahaha

Having a dinner with 'em too. The Unsung Heroes.

This side

That side

This is our 13th Convocation tee.

Mine..?? Lost. 
Whathella where's my tee..??!! Didn't know when, where, how it lost.

This is Dr. Mohd Hazmi Mohd Rusli's room.
Jewel to university. Pewit!

"Tak dapat ambik gambaq ngan Sir, ngan pintu bilik pun ok"

With Ustazah Nabila Yusof ^^

Don't know what a suitable caption. Hahaha!

Taken by me.
Awwww..!! I love this photo! ^^

When you had no special boyfriend.., this is applicable. Kakakaka

Uh-uh.. After the ceremony, we had a dinner. I mean group of dinner before Aini back to her work. Just a small birthday party to Rehang. We just stay there until November 12; me, Iej, Mar and her birthday was on November 15. I ordered brownies from my friend, Zureen. Oh ya! It was terribly, madly, freakingly very delicious. Kudos! You can check her delicious cake, and what so ever HERE.

Yummehhhh level was overloaded!!

Behind me was Raihan

She treated us a meal. Each of us. Yeayyyy!! And when she washed her hand after meal, we gave that brownies. I still remember her teary eyes! Hahaha. Good luck on your Master Degree! Aamiin.. ^^

Lastly, nah aku belanja gambaq niyh! 

Burger Anggerik! Hahahaha. Idaman setiap budak usim woi!!

Moga bertemu lagi.
Terima kasih kalian.
Terima kasih mencipta kenangan.

nak sambung cerita throwback 2015 banyak gilosss. 
x taw laa bila nak tulih. blogger yg pemalas.
hypothesis: accepted


Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Moment with Them: Post C-Day ^^

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

It was pleasure to write again. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm in my good mood. Yeahhhh. Alhamdulillah. Btw, before we return back our robe, we keep photo shooting. Hahahaha. We enjoyed our last moments there :')

Just checked our tonnes of photossss bring laughter. Hahahaha

Pandai sangadddd b'lakon catwalk. 
Meow, meow

I love this picture with that 'throw away' mode

Hakak sado -.-"

Please don't stare at me like this, Mar. Pleaseeee.
My heart definitely will melting <3

The Magician

The Ninja

The Hipster *menanges*

Don't know what happened

Not sure either what was this dance -.-"


Then we moved on to KLIA2. Craving for Wendy's

Got one free burger for the purchase
Mar be like: Aloooo kalaw taw, beli asing2. 

Happy face after meal! 

Mungkin kembali ke Aussie..?? Mungkin..?? Mungkin.

Continue shooting like model after hang around at KLIA 2. Lol!

Tudung aku tak jadi. Kbai

Running Man..?? 

p/s: these two photo. aku duduk selekeh gila. hyper! *nanges*

Go zoom behind you guys! Hahaha

Behind me, Iejan used the DSLR snapped the photo

This is the result by front camera via phone

Iqra' really on your head laa, Iejan! Hahaha

Coincidentally meeting with pelakon tambahan. Lol!

Never expected they're willing to be Ironman too
IDK why I was like penguin

Dragon Ball anime. Maybe..??

Till we meet again.
Love you both, sugarssss ^^