Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd Eid Mubarak

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Just finished. Aishhh.. Tired but happy. All family members gather here (at my house). Yaayyyy!!

Aqeel really made me touched when he wanted to leave from my house. IDK.., suddenly he gave me a hug. Erkkk.. Why with him..??? I hugged him back.

"..when you're coming again..???"

He just smile..

"Okay.. See ya again" I kissed both of his cheek. Aishhh.. This 8 years kid really..

For this time.., i have to admit that I'M SERIOUSLY SUPER HYPER LAZY TO SNAP PHOTOS.. Erkkk~~ But still.., i took. Approximately 10-12 photos. Maybe..???

And the best ever part.., i still have time to flirt with 4 years old lil boy. Kekekeke. Mission: SUCCESS (^_~)

Four lovely photos.. ♥

Nuura with her Mak Langs.. Mak Lang Epah & Mak Lang Iman.. ^^
*wey x payah nak kembang sekuncup semangkuk hampa TERpilih masuk sini*

"I love you, you love me, we are happy family... With the great big hug from me to you"
This is special guest.. Barney!! Hahahahhaa. Nuura's plush toy.

The eldest nieces.., Syifa' and Awfa

Duit Raya..??? Hahahahahaha. *=P

p/s: heenim already cut his hair.. (still gorgeous ^^) hmmm.. tomorrow i will head to pak ngah's resident. i'm not gonna follow you up on the spot heenim.. i guess offline is better.. kekkekeke. hold my tears for tomorrow please..


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

scrabble #6 Show Off Duit Raya.. *=P

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Go for crazy!!


Merdeka Raya in Malaysia ♥

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

How crazy i am.. Hehe. Just take a look. It's already 4:57 AM.. Heheh. I'm awake.. Aishhhh.. Really tired at the early night. Kekekeke. So i woke up to post this entry..

Well..., Eid Mubarak to Muslims all over the world!! Yaayyyy!! We're the winner after finished fasting for a month 29 days on last Ramadhan. It was really great!! ^^

To my beloved parents, AZMI YUSOF and ROSHIDAH AWANG.., forgive me for all these 21 years old. Raising me up, teach me about life, provide me with priorities. It's more than enough.. Having both of you as my parents was such the greatest part in my life.. ♥

Eid Mubarak to my healthy, lovely granny, Misah Omar

To all my uncles and aunts,

Long + Long Na
Ngah + Ngah Noma
Njang + Njang Mah

don't forget my duit raya. Hahahahaha. 21 years old is just a number. *=P

To my cousins... I love all of u..

Kak Long + Bang Long
Kak Chaq + Bang Chaq
Bang Chik + Kak Ellis
Kak Cik Jidah + Abang Ali
Cik Ceah + Abang Imran
Abang Medi + Kak Hani
Kak Widad + Abang Fakhrul
Kak Chik Peah + Abang Azad

Married cousin..., i wish all of you increase my duit raya. Hahahahhaha

My nephews and nieces,


My ever BFF, Nan, Pujah, Amed, Mahan, Umie

My roommates for 3 years Leya & Seha

My co-ELFs, Mah, Kak Gee, Dik An, Cik Li, Syida, Kak Fa

And before i'm forget..., Eid Mubarak to my followers too..^^

Lastly..., to all that knowing myself.. HAPPY EID MUBARAK

Why i said Merdeka Raya..?? (^_~) Today is Eid Mubarak while tomorrow is Malaysia 54th Independence day. Merdeka Day means Independence Day. Very grateful to live in this country!! Alhamdulillah.. Proud to be Malaysian!!

O-oooo... Before i end up this post.. I got this fom my co-elf. (^______^)

Iera.., thanks!!! Weeehu..

p/s: aishhhh.. those high school girls made me envy. aigoo~~


Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello there.. (really unable to smile)

This whole day.., i keep thinking about Kim Heechul. He also appeared in my dream.. Aishhhh.. Disaster!!! Ya hyung!! Why u made me like this..??? (-_-,)

Let me tell all of you my secret.. (did i really have readers here..?? erkk~~ idk..)

Heenim was the last one in Super Junior members that i try to like.. Yeah. You know why..??? Because of his laser mouth. Hehe. I really don't like with the fact.

But i didn't know when i started accepting him the fullest.. I didn't even realize it! The first time i screaming to him was when i saw his teaser image for Mr. Simple.

Oh my!! I'm really crazy towards his teaser.

And for right now.., he already in my top 3 bias (after siwon and kyuhyun) When cupid had struck my heart..??? (question mark)

When i read this..., i want to cry already cried


p/s: everybody was in eid mode. but me?? how come i'm in eid mode..??? heenim keep haunted in my dreams everyday..



Thursday, August 25, 2011


Here come again.. ^^ Haha. Last night my eyes were damn sleepy. Kekeke.

Okay peeps!! I just found the images for this version revealed via SJ official web update.. Let's take a look.. ^^ Also their words at photocard.

Now we are going to get through this world as we get old together..
Let's be together I wish for it. So believe it...
I love you.
Choi Siwon

*i was crazy towards him no matter what (@_@) maybe people would say i love him because of his handsomeness and owned great body figure. it's not that. i just love the way he is. couldn't specify it. hahahahahhaha. i'm willing to get old together with him (even he didn't write it. kekekekeke) ♥

You can't get angry just because you can't control the world as you please!! ^_^

*this maknae really made me envy all the time while he is clinging with siwon. aishhh.. really adorable lol!!

I love you
See you again

*i just shocked that he will enlist in the army this coming 1/9. ya heenim!! i will register my study on 7/9. but why u leave me first..??!! (T_T)

Be mine. I will hug you. I will love you.
♡My love E.L.F.♡

*i think his word flirty. hahahahaha. sorry DH!! but i knew he's the most sensitive and alert guy. kekeke. well.., he's my ex. hahahahahahahahahhaa.

The world anchovy's going~ Let's go!!!

*he was just awesome!! no comment. hehe. number 1 dancing machine forever!!

Love only Shindong~♡ I'll only love you too!!

*regarding 5thjib album..., i would say he's charming with his new appearance. that's why his teaser image i gave 2nd rank after heenim. i would say really great!! plus, viewing his latest photo update via me2day i just..., unable to close my mouth. hahahahaha. you're different!!

You are busted!! Never forget me^^
Yesungie ~♡

*his photo look plain.. why yeye..?? first time.., i was confuse. he do have quite same face with Lee Jun Ki.. hehe. my favourite actor in My Girl

To. Fools who only know Suju...To you
A common phrase I love you... Even though it's common I can't help it.. I love you!
Shy///.. heuk.. really, love

*lately, this eternal maknae really impressed me with his photos.. whoaaaa.. wookie!!

I'm happy

*i'm speechless while watching all his performance for Mr. Simple. His 'wild and fierce' face looks great!! (why you wear ARMY tee..?? sudden remember to heenim.. T_T )

The best relationship of my life!! That person's name is E.L.F.
I laugh because of you..
I cry because of you...
I'm happy because of you.... Do you feel the same??
I love you!!!

*i love his tee and jacket. hehe

And guess what!! I Just found Siwon's photocard in this album. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If i'm not mistaken.., it was randomly provided. I already saw Ryeowook's and Donghae's. I'm waiting for Siwon and finally screaming!! Hahahahaha. The last time i bought Perfection, i got Sungmin's. ^^ And i found Kyuhyun's photocard too.. ^^

via fuckyeahchoisiwon

just adorable!! ^^
forgot where i found.. but i knew from someone's tumblr

photos updated by SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM
photocard translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

p/s: seriously..., this version b look more gorgeous than previous version a

**blogger note
this supposed to be my previous 2 days post. 23/8. but why suddenly on today..?? like A.A post. i got the answer!! i'm not going to edit via blogger in draft anymore. yayyy!!! ^^ i got the answer. i got the answer.. a-sa!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello, hello..^^

Having a wonderful voice..., i have to admit that.
Mysterious Kim Jong Woon

Ta da...

yeye hyung!! happy birthday..

emmm~~ can u give me version a for free..?? hahahahaha


Monday, August 22, 2011

Rating Post

Assalamualaikum.. ^^ Hello everybody. Hope you're fine..

I didn't have anything to do.. (erkk~~) I read blog tutorial and try to apply it. Therefore i 'operate' my baby blog. Lol!! That is my job right now. Hahahahaa. A-sa!!! It works!! Ho-ho-ho!! (^_^)

And finally i did research (exaggerate again) and found my popular posts..

515 views --->> No Min Woo

I guess maybe viewers know him or they already watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.. Kekeke. Hey guys!! No Min Woo looks more gorgeous at Cosmopolitan front cover.. Hihi. This was first dominated by Indonesian but lately Filipino. Hehe. But seriously.., this was just crazy story that i dreamt on. Hahahahahahaha.

429 views --->> A. N. JELL

Indonesian the most viewers.. They do love You're Beautiful drama or Jang Keun Suk..?? Hehe. But that 3 guys do attractive. Hahahaha *=P

201 views --->> NIKON COOLPIX S3100

This gadjet post was read by many Koreans.. Gumawo.. ^^ I already owned it!! How bout you..?? (^_~)

179 views --->> ~Someday~

I really missed my best-est BFFs that time. Tears falling down..

125 views --->> Online Shopping (@_@)

I didn't notice who read the most. But at least they know all my stuffs. Hahahahaha. Pin-button, tee, file, phone chain. And the most ever best part.., Super Junior M Perfection album. Weeeehuuu.. I provide my experiences, some little tips too..

p/s: Heenim!! Why so early? Why?!!! (T_T)



Assalamualaikum..^^ I hope everybody doing fine.. I didn't believe i could smile again after what he'd done. Kekekekkeke. Aishhhh~~ Really give big impact!! Hmmmpppphhhhh...

Do you still remember the previous, previous, previous post..??? I wrote about N.M.A and N.M.F.. And this time..., A.A..

A.A means Double A..??? Right? This..???

Don't you ever think of paper.
Erkkkkk (@_@)

Already get 2 new nieces and this newborn is hero.. Yaaaayyyy!!! He was born on last 29/6/2011 with 2.4 kg only (how small are you cutie...) on 3:35 a.m. The 3rd child to my cousin, Kak Cik Jidah & Abang Ali.

Introducing.. Scroll please----->>>>



it's really clear!! erkk~~ sorry

what about this shot? approve. semi approve. sorry

okay. this one is better (^_^)!!

This is my 3rd kid. I'm a mommy now. Ok. Incorret. Aunt for these 3 babies.. Yaaayyy!!

p/s: just received my file... (@_@) omo!! i'm gonna hug u tonight siwon.. hahahahhahahahaha *=P

**blogger note:
i didn't know why suddenly this post fly to august.. erkk~~ the actual is belongs to july archive..


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello there.. ^^

To: 김기범

Happy birthday to you.. May happiness always be with you.

Actually the title of this post was trending number 1 via twitter.. Very glad because that night i wasn't online.. *=(

p/s: kibum-ah.., please do comeback.. we're waiting for you!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Glamer Youtuber

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Semalam before balik bukak posa mah tok.., aku berblogwalking.. Sejak bila aku rajin berblogwalking aku pun tataw. Hahahahaha. Aku jarang sket nak blog walking niyh.. Ada masa insyaallah aku check blog2 yang aku follow. Heheh. Mintak maap no.

Masa aku tengah blogwalking.., aku t'jumpa 1 video YT yang menemukan aku kepada video niyh..


Hampa kenai dia...??? Dia youtuber Malaysia.. The most key aku nak highlight dia budak utara. Fullstop. Hua3.

Actually aku bukan nak hurai panjang pasai dia. Kang x pasai boifren aku Siwon Choi jealous. Dah sepasai aku nak pujuk.

Bila aku tengok video kat atas tu...., aku rasa style dia yang bersahaja bleyh pikat hati semua orang yang tengok video dia. Lama dah aku x sekodeng video dia.

Hampa ingat senang ka orang nak visit kita punya video or blog..?? Susah wey.. Haaa..

Perghhhh.. Serious x sangka youtuber bleyh ada hardcores. Hehe. Congrats to him!

Yang tu ja la aku nak habaq. Chow dolu....

p/s: baru kopek kerang jari dah kecut cam berendam sejam lam ayaq. mengada2!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Cerita Anak Sedara

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Masa aku balik bukak posa kat umah tok retu.., macam2 ragam bila jumpa anak sedara. Hehe. Sampai tahap aku berenti semayang. Hampeyh tui. Tapi budak2.., hati tulus ikhlas. Hahahahaha.

Before aku naik surau nak terawih..., aku semayang Isyak kat atas rumah tok dulu. Masa nak semayang tu.., aku dok bahagian ruang tamu. Dekat sangat ngan bahagian bilik tidoq Tok, Lang ngan pupu2 aku.

Aku angkat takbir dah. Tetiba telinga aku t'dengaq Mama cakap ngan Mawardi..

Mama: Abang, mai semayang sekali ngan tok.

Mawardi: Tok nak semayang kat surau ka..?? Abang x maw p..

Mama: Dak aih.. Tok nak semayang tang ni. Mai semayang sebelah tok.

Mawardi: X maw..

Mama: Pasai pa x maw..??

Mawardi: Kepiah (kopiah) abang buruk...

Tetiba t'lintas kat pala ENTRI NI. Apa lagi.. Aku gelak teruih... Hahahahhahaha.

Then naik atas surau jumpa Awfa..

Aku: Awfa semayang terawih dak kat sekolah (sebab dia dok asrama)

Awfa: Semayang...

Aku: Ya ka kakak semayang..?? (muka provok budak kecik)

Awfa: Betui... Cu, cu nak taw dak.. Adik masa kat sekolah kan.., masa semayang terawih.. Rakaat 7 ka 8 tah.. Ha!! Rakaat 7. Sujud2 x bangkit dah.

Aku ngan Amie: Gelak tahap cover mulut. Sep baik bukan kat umah. Lau dak kompem kena sound.. Hahahahhaa.

Esok tu pulak..

Aku dok belek2 gambaq yang aku download before bukak posa tadi.. Pic niyh masa Mubank.. Then sebok la plak Mawardi nak ngacau tengok gambaq.. Maka idea jahat nakal pun timbul tetiba...

Aku: Abang, mai cu nak pekenai Super Junior kat abang.. (heheheh)

Mawardi: Sapa cu..??

Aku: Mai duk sini..

(Dia pun btenggek ataih aku..)

seriously.., i ♥ this photo!!!
*credit to the real owner*


Bila aku dah agak2 dia bleyh ingat aku pun pilih secara random nak tengok dia cekap ka dak *memang aku gila*

Ni sapa..??

------ (diam dok pikiaq)

Ni Ryeo-...???


Ryeoteuk..??? Wargh3

Yang ni..??

------ (diam lagi)



Yehul?? Wargh3

Yang ni..???

Songhae!! (bila masa plak dah..??)

Ni sapa..??






Mentang tadi Sungmin.., sesuka hati dia tukaq jadi Sungman. Hahahaha. (muka konfiden gila dia jawap) Shindong ngan Sungman.. Jauh beza gila!! Wargh3

Mampuih dapat mak sedara cm aku.. Hahahahhaha. Wat ajaran sesat x bertamadun kat budak kecik. Kekekekke. Eh, tapi kan.., nama Siwon ngan Kyuhyun Mawardi sebut betui.. Walawpun bukan aku tunjuk kat that gorgeous guys. Hahahahaha. Kira ok la... Hua3. Sayang Abang... ♥

Tapi sejak2 aku dok ajaq kenai geng SJ ni kan.., dia dok kira sebut Donghae, Donghae, Donghae.. Erkkkk~~ Kenapa nama ex aku jugak yang hang sebut Mawardi..?? Hahahahaaha. *=P *gila*

**Pic Siwon masa fan meeting kat Beijing banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (^__________^)

p/s: reni bukak posa kat umah tok.. weeeehu. ada moreh laksa. kekekeke. jom balik kampung ngan aku jom!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

gelak, gelak, gelak, gelak, gelak


Aura gelak x habeyh daripada tadi. Tu pasai aku buh tajuk entri gelak. Kakakakakaka. Actually dah semalam aku x blogging, aku nak post la entri hat dah b'tangguh2 aku nak ceta. Kekekeke. Tapi lain yang aku plan lain plak yang kuaq entri. Hahahaha.

Hampa taw sebab apa..?? Isu lapuk jadi cer balik. Hahhaa. Begini ceritanya...


Pas Subuh tadi aku t'tidoq balik.. Then aku t'jaga kui 8:30 tadi. Allahuakbar!! Pinggan segala bagai aku x basuh g.. Erkkk~~ Then aku pun terpa la p sinki. Eiyshhhh.. Boring la plak.. Dalam dok mamai2.. Aku pun on la TV. Maka bermula laa... Hahahahahahaha. Kahkahkah. Wargh3.

Ni mesti Baba yang last tengok TV semalam sebab setaw aku.., aku off TV masa tengah berita kat TV3. SPM a.k.a Selamat Pagi Malaysia panggey kumpulan hot max 24:7. Wey teruih aku gelak tanpa tangguh2.. Hampa kenai dak..?? Search kat Google Image. Kompem kuaq gambaq kasut. Hahahahaha.

image size hat small cukup. x kuasa aku nak buh hat large

Gila geli. Download. Upload sini. Then delete yang download tadi masuk dustbin. Permanently delete kat recycle bin. *puke* Ewahhhh.. Upload pic k-pop band pakai cni x geli plak.. Tu budaya depa wey.. Mampus aa nak pakai boxer saja ka apa aku x kesah.

M-pop. Errrrkkk. Sumpah rasa x sanggup nak post pasai depa kat entri niyh. Tapi SPM la yang wat aku TERpaksa post. Tanpa membuang masa aku terus call Kak Fa, Mah, ngan Lili. Aku paksa depa bukak TV1 on the spot. Mah yang tengah tidoq teruih bangun bila aku paksa. Hahaha. Lili pun sama. Kekekeke. Maka depa pun tengok la boifren depa ni. Hahahahahaha. Siap tanya aku sapa niyh..??? See.. Betapa popu lerrrr nya max 24:7 niyh. Hahahhaha.

Serius aku rasa SPM buang masa lam interview depa yang sepatutnya diisi dengan slot lain. Halamak.., siap ada album seniri. Lili siap wat lawak bodo kata album ada version cm K-pop ka..??? Kah3. B'tambah2 aku gelak. GDA beb! Hahahhahaaha.

Aku bukanlah nak memburukkan depa (rasanya dah memburukkan dah.. hahhaha) We are Malaysian! Ni memang bukan budaya kita. Cukup la kita dah ada Super Junior, 2PM, SS501, segala bagai lagi kat Korea sana. The real one. Kita x perlu pakai topeng untuk jadi macam depa. The most important thing.., kita pegang title ISLAM. So aku rasa budaya K-pop ni x wajar dipraktiskan sampai tahap macam niyh. Ni bukan entiti kita. Ok..???

p/s: bedak selopiang kat muka, tengkuk kaler sawo matang. dah sepasai aku keraih perut dok gelak. hahahhahaha. rasanya opera cina comey g kot.. kakakakakka

Lupa plak...

_Mr. Simple version b_
Bleyh lawan ngan Mr. Rambo aku..??? Hahahahaha. No way beb!!

*bias gila. photo max 24:7 kemain BESAQ, photo SJ kemain KECIK*


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Terawih @ Bukhary

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Patutnya entri niyh aku post awai sket.. Tapi aku dah tidoq.. Hahahaha. Then pukui berapa tah aku tjaga.. Aku save dolu lam draft. Hahahaha. Ni baru nak tulih.. Kakkakakka.

Semalam Ramadhan 15.. Whoaaaaa... Aku sangat excited sebab masa witir ada doa qunut. Actually aku paling excited kalaw 1st terawih ngan terawih 1st hat ada qunut. Aura dia lain macam. Kekekekke. Nak wat cna terawih first aku lep. Hahahaha. Kau paham sendiri la derr.. Kakakaka.

Then malam tu jugak la 1st aku p terawih kat masjid. Hahahaha. Hari lain terawih kat rumah or dengan Mama ja. So... Semalam aku p masjid niyh...

Agak2 ni masjid mana..???

Masjid al-Bukhary. Seriously aku prakk nak mampuih. Tapi sifat prakk yang bertamu di hati tu aku mesti terer cover punya.. Kah3. Kenapa plak aku nak prakk segala bagai..?? Sebab ni 1st time aku p semayang kat c2. Hahahahaha. (wat malu warga kedah ja)

So far.., imam malam tu sangat gempak.. Sempoiiii punya. Terbaikkk!!!

Yang wat aku malu + segan ialah bila aku jumpa sorang budak kecik pakai baju kurung ngan tudung. Kambeng aa.. Aku pakai track ngan short sleeve tee ja. Eiysh.. memang aku malu ah!!! Hahahahaha. Padan muka aku. (-_-)

Balik tu singgah p kat Amie hantaq birth certificate dia. Sampai rumah 11:30 malam. Apa lagi. Campakkan telekung ke tepi x selamat malam dunia!!

p/s: padahai masa Imam baca doa qunut naik lenguh tangan aku. hahaha, bila la nak habeyh, bila la nak habeyh.. sengal!!


Monday, August 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^

A sincere regret. I didn't know the specific word in English. (my poor english.. erkk) But muslims do called it taubat nasuha.

Since this is the first day of Maghfirah phase a.k.a Ramadhan 15th.. I guess this is the best time to blogging about this..

Human being is not perfect. No tai wan mei at all. Just a prefect i guess.. Kekkekeke. When we talked about taubat nasuha i heard a story.

An old folk man was crying every time he pray. People around him feel weird until one person ask him..

"Uncle..., why did u crying while praying..?? We noticed a long time ago.."

"I ask forgiveness from Allah The Most Gracious to forgive my previous sins. Just that one. I got everything in my life.., but i'm scare if Allah didn't bless me for the rest of my life.."

Erkkk~~ As a youth..., didn't we ashamed to that uncle..??? Yeah.. We might think let just have all that pious thing during our old-aging phase.. Like our grandfathers and grandmothers. But..., did we forgot one thing..??? Death do come without postpone.. Like our Izrail motto.., "procrastination is the thief of time"

Death is guaranteed but why we always super hyper happy at this temporary world..?? Why we are pre-occupied with this limited time until sometimes we forget barzakh..??? Aren't we fear of barzakh..??

Therefore.., we really need taubat nasuha. Let's make a very hard work to achieve the real taubat at Allah side. Taubat that lead to advice to ourselves as in Surah Taaha, ayat 82.

"Dan sesungguhnya Aku Maha Pengampun bagi orang yang bertaubat, beriman, beramal soleh. Kemudian tetap di jalan yang benar"
[Taaha, 20: 82]

The condition of taubat:

1- Fully stop the sins

2- Regret with the past

3- Have an intention not to do the sins

4- Increasing the level of ibadah

But do we notice one thing..?? Why we still did the sins even we are praying to Allah. This could be categorized under balance people. And the answer is..

"The solat that we did is still not achieve to be the role that could avoid us from sin things"

And the person without hisab as promise by Allah Taala was when he or she died, there is no sins. It means two conditions which are:

--->> they never been in sins

--->> they had their own regret before die

So youth..., specially myself, let's check out ourselves before it's too late..

Till next time..

Sebaik-baik orang yang salah itu adalah orang yang bertaubat kerana semua anak Adam itu MESTI melakukan kesalahan kecuali Muhammad S.A.W..

Salam Ramadhan 15.. ^^

p/s: i know that i'm not that great.. but as muslims.., it is my responsibility to remember all of us.. Allah bless forever, Insyaallah.. ^^


Saturday, August 13, 2011

hari ni...

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Baru ja aku nak melayan tengok Mubank hat semalam kat YT.., Mama ajak kuaq. Ta pa laa.. T lain kali la aku layan.. Huhu. Hari niyh aku teman Mama p Jitra. Baba x p sebab ada hal yang perlu dibereskan. Kiranya aku la bodyguard Mama. Heheh.

Kami p cari baju raya also baju nak p mengaji nanti. Heheh. (serungaih kasut x beli g, check-up, yuran x setel g) Then masuk kedai spek. Erkkk~~ Ni kedai spek ka klinik kesihatan..?? Hahhahaha. 2x masuk. Dah orang ramai sesangat.., maka cancel la.. Rasanya aku selisih ngan Thariq masa lalu depan kedai tu.

Panas sangat reni plus tetengah hari. Matahari t'pacak piawwwwww punya. Then masa tengah jalan tu ada la aku nampak sorang kanak2 ribena makan nugget. Gila!!! Kecoq liuq aku!! Hahahahaha. Bleyh aku p pandang nugget dia.. Hahhahahaa. Dasar kurang asam hang bapak syetan paling gemok!!

Mama wat reunion kat tetengah Jitra tu. Hahahahaha. Jumpa kengkawan dia sampai 3 orang. Hehe. Balik dpd Jitra p Aloq Setaq. Nak wat spek la wey... Dah tadi cam ngan klinik kesihatan.. Spek pun cermin belah kiri mereng dah.. Kelabu asap. Then p la kedai tempat Mama besa repair spek dia.. Masa dok lam reta nak cari parking ada la aku nampak sorang jejaka malaya kat depan kedai. Machoooooooooooo beb! Pssssttt!! Dia pandang aku aa. Hahahhaa. Then Mama p parking kat depan Happy Home padahai kedai spek tu 2 blok dpd c2.. Erkkk!!! Wey bayang aa.. Penat gila!! Sampai hati Mama parking jauh2.. Huwaaaaaa..

Sampai2 kat kedai spek uu.. Haremmm.. Jejaka malaya tadi reja kat kedai tu ka.. Kambeng tui!! Masa tu aku rasa nak gelak gila. Hahahhaha. Tapi insan yang terer wat muka kering cam aku no hal bebeh.. Take it easy. Bukan aku nak ngorat dia pun.. ♥ Siwon Choi ♥ kat hati aku beb!! Aku dah kata nak spek petak dok nak bagi gak hat cm nak oval. Eiyshhh.. Banyak gak dia tulong pilih. Last2 jumpa. Heheh. Thanks inchik jejaka malaya.. Check mata. Power mata kanan naik lo.. Mata kiri maintain.. Mama kata tu tokey kedai.. Patut la. Sign dia sama ngan nama kedai. Whatever.. Kengkawan semua.., hargailah mata anda.

After that Mama nak p Happy Home. Aku masa jalan nak p kedai spek tadi tjumpa kedai buku. Hati dah bling! bling! ♥ Mintak2 epop ada.. Ngeh3. Then aku masuk kedai tu. Satgi jumpa Mama kat Happy Home la kiranya.. (^_^) Hah!!! Ada!! Weeeeeeehuuuuuu.. Sebenaqnya, hakikatnya, realitinya.., aku bukan layan pun majalah epop niyh.. Tapi dah depa (Kak Gee sorang ja) dok melayoq ada sampul raya Super Junior..., memang aku nak.. Hahhahahaha.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Epop Ogos.

Mesti k-poppers terpa p cari sebab ada sampul raya kan..??? Haaaa... Baik ngaku. Macam aku tataw. Hahahahahhaa. Haaaa. Gelak2. Mesti la hang gelak kalaw hang p cari benda alah niyh. Hahahaha. Jangan nak kelentong aku na.. Kekekeke (^_~)V

Shinee punya sampul raya.. Aik..??? Apasai 5 keping semua Shinee..???

Tapi aku buh 1 ja la.. Wat sample.. Heheh. Masa aku p kedai uncle niyh.., ada 2 ja lagi majalah niyh. Dua2 sampul Shinee. (masalahnya awat aku x kesah ngat tu bukan sampul duit raya SJ..??)

Apa lagi ~!@#$%^&*()_+ (bukan mencarut na.. geram!!!) Aku ingat dapat serba satu. Aku taw ada 5 sampul. Bajet ada 6 jenis.., 1 lagi sampul tu depa drop la.. Ada Super Junior, DBSK, 2PM, Shinee, Big Bang ngan Beast..

Munirah Azmi..., hang buta ka x nampak yang niyh kat front page tu..??

Sah la aku yang x paham bahasa. Mati2 aku ingat dapat serba satu. Silap interpret plak.. Erkkk~~ Hampa taw dak pasai pa..??? Rupanya kepala aku x bleyh nak function lelok bila nak interpret sebab tengok cover dia Kim Hyun Joong. Ya!! Baek Seung Jo!! Ni gara2 hang aku pakai rembat ja epop bulan niyh.. Dah la x besa beli.. Beli2 x dapat sampul SJ.. Grrrrr (>_<) Aku menyalahkan image baru Hyun Joong!! Hahahahahaha *gelak devil* Eh kau nak ganti syetan ka boss..?? Hahahah *=P Jelas sekali aku gila. Tapi seb bek bukak2 lam majalah tu ada Yunho, ada Max. X la aku sakit ati sangat walawpun x dak pasai Siwon.. (-_-)

Hampa taw aku watpa..??? (bengang sebab x dapat sampul SJ) Aku menawarkan sampul niyh free kat sapa2 yang nak.. Tapi mintak maap la.. Give away dah habeyh.. Hahahha. Aku bagi kat Kak Mar.. Dia hantu Shinee. Suka kat Minho. Tapi 1 sampul aku ambik nak bagi kat Syida.

Mintak maap.. Aku bukan la tahap anti or hater kat Shinee. Besa ja.. Yang langsung x bagi effect kat depa. Lagipun aku cuma kenai Onew ngan Minho ja. (chae ra.., aku x anti Onew. aku suka dia. dia comey) Hehe. Tapi kalaw Girls Generation memang aku maki b'kandaq dah.. Aku 101% STAND. Kalaw hampa marah ngan statement aku.., aku mintak maap. Aku cuma menyatakan kebenaran saja.. OK..??? (^_^) Wey apa bulan posa nak marah2... Chillax aa wey.. Depa bukan kenai kita pun.. Hehe.

Then kui 5:40 petang.. Keluaq lagi. Semata2 p cari cool blog. Hahahahaha. Bila dah p AS Mall.., aku kena curi time p kedai buku kat basement tuh.. (padahai masa Mama kata nak p c2 lam pala aku kedai tu ja hat jadi sasaran.. hehe) Sekodeng la kot2 ada g epop. Mana nak taw kot2 sampul SJ wujud. Macam mata helang aku perati.. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! X dak pun... Hahahhahaa. Terima kasih ya Allah.., Engkau telah menyelamatkan duit aku.. ♥ Syukran jazeelan...

Chocolate & Strawberry..

Tapi fav aku vanilla oreo.. Saja tukaq angin pekenan hat choc saja.. Strawberi hat Mama punya la.. Mama kata rasa macam dok kat Cameron Highland. Hehe. Macam2. Sesungguhnya meruntun iman masa aku pekena time bukak posa.. Terbaikkkk!!! ♥ Woooo.. Wat ayat cam lama x minum ayaq daun ketum ja aku niyh.. Hahahhaa. Aku x minum naa.. Jangan salah paham.. aku kan suka exaggerate.. Hahah. *=P

Mama wat puding laici. Dah kebetulan retu beli choc sause, apa g.. Aku suh Mama tuang ataih puding tu. Halamak.. Hampa tengok. Hampa tengok. Hampa tengok betui2. Hurup S jugak yang Mama pilih. (eh, ni hint Mama ka..?? future menantu dia memang nama mula hurup S pun. SIWON. hahahahaha) *motif dia nak habaq hat tu ja kat hampa. hahahahahhaha. sekian*

Sok aku nak tengok Mubank ngan Mucore.. (^_______^)

p/s: wey kak mar.., berangan laa badd nak jumpa hang.. hang nak jumpa badd aku p'caya. hahahahahahahhaa.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Ramadhan 11 & 12 kat umah tok

Assalamualaikum.. ^^


Semalam aku meroyan x pasai2.. Gilak ah.. Stres mengalahkan workaholic.. Hahahha. Tataw kenapa. Tapi rasanya meroyan sebab x dak dit nak menyopping ot. Hahahahahaha. Then aku realized satu benda.. Pas ni nak menjadikan budaya menabung sebagai amalan. Menyesai aku x menabung masa last sem retu. (padan muka aku shopping banyak benda masa dapat balance ptptn dolu)

B'jalan2 di Twitter lalu t'jumpa MaSi..

*x yah wat muka comey aa siwon!! stres tui!!*

Mcountdown tu aku ingat apa la... Ingat kot nak countdown untuk SJ-M. Hahahahaha *=P Btw.., congrats sebab SJ menang. Weeehuuuu... ^^

Then aku dah nak off dah semalam. Tetiba super hyper evil maknae tweet. Halamak.. Postpone pulak aku nak off. kambeng aa hang ni kyuhyun Mengikut tweet dia (yang selalu ingat lupa dia ada twitter) 16/8 niyh fan meeting kat WuKeSong Stadium, Beijing. Apa g.. Jom p sana.. Hahhahaha.

Malam posa 11 balik mah tok. Ya laa. Ada orang mana tah bagi dit kat tok sebab suh wat morey. So Mama pun order la laksam Mak Tih. Gilak ah.. Sedap beb. Masa dok lam reta semerbak bau. Menggugat iman posa gak. Hahahahaahahaha. *dasar x segan wat pengakuan. macam la sebelum niyh aku x besa menyekik laksam Mak Tih tuuu. keke*

Amie siap text aku tym tengahari g. Suh balik bukak posa sebab dia balik. Eh, hang ni pupu!! Bajet hang tip top plak aku nak kena bukak posa ngan hang. Hahahahahahaa. *=P

Gerak kuaq dpd rumah kui 5:45. Dengan jammed.. Bengang3. (actually x bengang pun.. cool ja. hehe) P ambik laksam dolu. Tempat yang dekat yang ambik masa 15-20 minit jadi setengah jam. Hampeh tui.. Sampai2 mah tok teruih bukak posa... Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Syok weyyy.. Semua dah tsedia. Selalu aku dok tulong Mama kat umah. Ni aku sampai2 semua cdah tersedia. Memang rasa cm big boss. Kekekekeke.

Makan tu tahap prakk mampuih. Besa la.. Lau balik kampung mau penuh satu tikaq besaq tu. Hehe. Meriah3. Aku makan segala bagai. Kui 8:15 baru aku stop makan. (bleyh kategori makan lagi ka cm uu..?? hehe) Selalu kat umah 8:15 aku siap tidoq.. Baba balik dpd terawih baru aku semayang isyak ngan terawih. Kat masjid panas wey. Tambah2 kalaw duduk tang tengah2. Lagi panassssss ada makcik2 hat mulut laser. Hehehe.

After that aku naik terawih kat surau ngan Amie. Uihhh.. Ramai gak orang terawih kat surau Tok Wan. Habeyh terawih aku bertukaq jadi syetan. Hahahahaha. Apa lagi.. Aku kacaw Ansori tidoq. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. Dia sedap dok tidoq aku p picit pipi dia.., bulu mata dia. Hahahaha. Memang jahat ah.. Kekekke.

Pas soq balik.. Kira semayang subuh kat rumah. Then aku tidoq x ingat apa dah. Hahahaha.


Bangun tidoq dok weng2 g. Hehe.
Then Nuura mai kali ngan mama, jaddy, & jaddaty.. Heheh. Mai hantaq tongkat ngan wheel chair. Dan main2 ngan dia dolu.. Yayyyyy!! Before Ngah balik aku ajak dia balik mah tok. Tapi dia x janji sebab dia kena bukak posa ngan Petronas.

Ngah balik nak dekat Jumaat. Masa Baba nak p semayang Jumaat, Mama aku tengok dah kalut masak macam2. Kiranya Lang kat kampung rileks ja reni. X gelabah sangat sebab Mama dah wat spare. Amie x bleyh balik sebab ada kelaih. Haahahhahaahha. Rogi hang!!

Then singgah beli nasik kerabu kat gerai Mek. Nasik kerabu dia memang the best aa.. (^_^) Sampai2 angkut segala makanan hat Mama masak.., then apa g. Layan tenet la.. Wohhh.. Mubank reni.. Cah a.k.a youngest cousin nak tengok MV Mr. Simple pas aku layoq dia. Mwahahahahaha. *dasar jahat tui aku niyh. hehe* Last2 Cah tengok sket ja sebab lambat loading plus aku dok tketaq2 dok follow update Mubank. Hehe. Sapa suh aku on Silver Bird.. Padan muka!!

Tetiba 'Ammar post kat wall fb.

Aku ingat dia memain.. Tetiba 'seminit' sejam pas uu memang sampai sungguh.. Tapi Ngah x dak.. Sebab? Sebab p bukak posa kat Petronas la.. Kan dah cakap tadi.


My favourite!! Yunho & Siwon

Setelah sekian lama menanti.., hahahahahaha. Clinging their hand.. ♥ Akhirnya ada jugak photo just both of them. Terbaik ahhh!! Aku besa dpt satu photo depa niyh, tapi ada orang ketiga. So x best aa cm uu. SMTOWN punya fb.., tenks eh!! *:)

Mari gelak bersama2. Hahahahahahahaha. Ngah pun singgah kat gerai Mek gak beli nasik kerabu. Gelak lagi meh. Hahahhahahahahahaha. Ok aa. X gaduh nak teliuq sebab memang banyak. Kekeke. Ilah pun balik dpd asrama. Meriah3.

Disebabkan Njang & Mak Njang aku p bukak posa kat Perkim.., maka Mamat, Ilah ngan Ecah bukak la kat atas mah tok sekali. *gambaq x dak sebab kamera x bawak*

The best ever.., 'Ammar aa. Pulun nasik kerabu, then dia makan plak nasi putih ngan tomyam. Macam laut kuah lam pinggan. Tu x masuk ratah ayam g. Orang baru balik Mesia memang cam uu. Kakakakakaa. (kata kat orang padahai aku pun sama naik dok meratah fruit salad)

Semayang Maghrib, then lepak aa.. Men dengan Mawardi, Hanan, Nuura. Ngah tjengoi masa terawih. Mak sedara yang baguih men ngan anak2 sedara sampai x naik terawih kat surau. Hahahaha. (wey pas orang beyh terawih aku semayang laaa..) Mawardi yang kecik tu plak yang p terawih. Malu syiotttt.. Kakakkakaa.

Then Ngah Noma berkata.., "Baguih Mawardi.. Naik semayang terawih. Pak Su tak p dok tidoq.." Kah3. Ambik sedaih.. Hahahhahaa. Siap wat pengakuan orang azan Isyak x sedaq. Padahai speaker kuat gila.. Kakakaka. Psttt!! Hang tengok aa dia makan banyak mana. *=P

'Ammar: Hang naik terawih dak..?

Aku: Uishhh.. Aku maintain pakai telekung ja. Hahaha

'Ammar: Ish3...

Kak Widad: Ish3... Hat dok tanya tu pun bukan naik terawih

Sedaih lagi... Hahahahahahaha. Pas Ngah balik rumah..., turn aku plak balik rumah.. Sangat best!!

p/s: wey 'ammar.., ikut suka aa aku suka super junior. kalut3... ♥ siwon ♥


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Symptoms..??


Am i suffering right now..??? Should be consider like that.. Oh my!! Killing me. What the..??!! Urghhhh...!!! Hahahahaha <---- fake laugh phewww~~

I want this... (#_#)

Why should the promo was on my RUNNING OUT OF MONEY MOMENT as RIGHT NOW..??? Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyy..??? (@_@)

Stresssssssss. Chillax Munie!! Chillax!! (^_^) <<---- fake smile

After August.., the price will increase RM5. *RM5 tu macam RM50 kat aku. hahaha* Return of the superior usual price. (+_+,) Ahhhh.. Never mind. As long as i could buy it. (desperately want it. kekekkeke)


To my beloved eldest nephew...,


Hepi b'day yang ke-12. Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, dapat keputusan yang cemerlang. Next month nak UPSR kan..?? Wat yang terbaik taw.. Hadiah 5A kat Umi ngan Abah.. Ok..??? The most important.., semoga Along dapat jadi anak yang soleh kat Umi ngan Abah. Jangan dok buaih.. Cu sayang Along.. Endless love ♥

p/s: teringat kat Nuha kecik la plak.. *sigh*

munirahazmi a.k.a cu munie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

scrabble #5

I went to Tesco with my Mommy. Yeah.. Bought few things. RM 60+ Hahahahhaa. My mom wondering. "What did we buy..??"

IDK also. I just knew that i bought 2 packs of instant noodles. *=P Mwahahahaha. *wey kalaw baloq gak aku bangkit soq x taw nak kata apa*

My noona, Gee Yusof told me that this month of epop magazine provide sampul duit raya. Actually i didn't care bout that magazine. Hahahaa. I just want that sampul duit raya lol!! Kekekeke. I try to search it. Lol!! Finished. Erkkk.. NVM. But... (still have but.. keke) I met Jang Keun Suk, SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, DBSK Changmin also Yunho. They look really gorgeous (at front cover) HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. *=P Well IDK if i met them in reality.. Hua3. Faint? Speechless? Static? Kekekeke.

Gulp!!! That one still on the shelter..?? Siwon Choi!! Goshhhhhhh!!!

Should i buy this magazine..?? Hahahahaa.

Lol!! No. No. No. At least i understand the contents. *x maw aku baziaq RM12 beli x paham natang pa.. kekeke* Just..., just touched that magazine. Smile like crazy nut. Yeah.. If the staff saw me on that time.., he or she could be considered as the main witness to certifiy that i'm crazy. Hahahahaha. But still.., happy even i could see the cover only. Kekekeke. (^____^)

Guys!! Don't forget your sahur next morning lol!! C ya!! Dan adakah aku akan balun makan 2 mangkuk koko krunch + susu macam soq hari niyh lagi..??

p/s: ek eleh.. baru tgk siwon waving hand pun dah jerit2.. (statement poyo padahal jealous mampus!! hahaha. chillax munie.. chillax!)


Monday, August 8, 2011



Messy Monday (#_#) I got message from Leya. She said she was afraid. If her nerve disease became worse.., she will be operate today. What the..???!! You didn't even tell me!!! You just text me you're afraid of 8/8/2011. Urghhhh.. But thanks to Allah.. It is better than previous. The doctor gave her another 5 months. If it suddenly become crucial.., she will be check-in in operation room. Pray for her health.. Do take care.. I don't want either paralyze or death.. I want to live the fullest at this moment!!

Farah a.k.a Yonghwa admire told me she wanted to visit my home. It's untidy because my home was under renovation. Yeah.. I need to tidy up a little.. Lastly..., she had to cancel. Need to accompany her mom to Jitra. Erkkk~~~ Araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Memang nak kena debik sedaih ngan aku. Hahahahaha. Time dah elok sket x jadi mai. Time bsepah time tu la hang nak mai. Grrrrrrr. (>_<) Hahahaha.

..and should i say 8 is my lucky number..??? (since my b'day was on 8th. hehe)

8/8/2011... Today! Yes... Todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy my dream come true!! Weeeehuuuu!!! Guess what..?? Nikon Coolpix S3100 purple-coloured is mine!! Horaaaayyyyyy!!!! (am i over..??? Yezza!! (i should be like this. hahahahhaha) SEE THIS POST

First at all.., my Mommy called. No answer. If i wasn't call her back..., my dream still didn't come true. Kekekekekekeke. Both my parents already made up their mind to buy red colour.. Last minute call from me.. Whoaaaaaaa... Last call that save my dream!! Haha.

show off should i..?? hahahhaa. take a look guys!! (^_^)

(^_____^) *wide smile*

purple fav camera!! ♥
my mommy never expected i wanted this colour. haha. me too.. keke


But this is still didn't officially mine. Never mind. I could wait for that time. Hehe. At least it was existed in my reality. Hehe. Thanks Mama, thanks Baba.. (♥_♥)

p/s: i'm done (/) at my wish list. hahahahahaha. mr. simple was released on last 3/8, and at this moment.. omg!! shockkk!!! (@_@)

Power of ELFs~