Thursday, June 30, 2011

CBC is Complaint-Bash-Criticism

Assalamualaikum.. (^_^) <<--- big smile..

Well, well, well... How was your day..??? I hope everybody have bright colours, increasing day-to-day.. Insyaallah...

These past few weeks..., i'm really addicted to blogging.. Hehehehuhaha. I just... Happy when i wrote anything.. Objective ---->>> JUST WROTE and dating with my baby blog.. Hehehe.


Around 4 p.m. i called my best-est Leya.. What made me called her..., regarding her tag to me via fb...

"Munirah Azmi sejak bile anda sign up jadi blogger k-pop"
"Munirah Azmi when did you sign up as a k-pop blogger"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahaa. I laughed like crazy.. Sorry dear!! Did u forget i'm Siwonest..??? Kekekekeke.


I just wondering..., what are you doing after long time no see... Therefore i would like to read your blog. But your stories fulled of Siwon, Siwon, Siwon or else..., Super Junior.. This is Super Junior's blog or yours...???


Hahahahahahahhahaa. That's my life right now... I just happy the way i am right now.. Really happy.. (^_^)

Leya: When u became bloggish..??

Me: Huh..???

Leya: Blogging in English...

Me: Hahahahaha. Wanna change sometimes... Kekekkee

how could i turn back, pretending i didn't see him..??
~always charmed people around him~

here my cool guys.. (^_^)

Why i like them..?? The most reasonable answer ---->> scroll
they never hurt me
..and i found ELFs around the world unite because of them.. ^^

Another said...,
New entry please..
Really didn't satisfy.., you korean freak..!!
Didn't want to open your wall (fb).., fulled of k-pop
Yah!! My home (fb) fulled of korean... Grrrr (>_<)

These month really have a lot of SJ and Siwon.. Kekekeke. Mianh (-_-) I just happy the way i'm right now.. Do understand me..

I just received my Perfection album.. Yaaaayyyyyyy!!! I screamed because of poster and not because my album arrived safely. Hahahahahahhaha. Really didn't expect that poster was big like that.. Kekekekekeeke. Thank ya Mr. Postman who's very loyal send my items at home.. (^_^)

do i need to hug a piece of paper pretending i hug the boys.. wargh3..

Master!! How dare u flirting with the boys...??? How about me??!! Don't u dare!!

Lol!! Hahahahahhaha (^_~)V


Tomorrow..., our new month in this year started.. Time flow sooo fast.. And may July bring more happiness to all of us.. Love all of you!! Do take care..^^

-i'm waiting for university.. please pray for me. aamin....

p/s: last item.. countdown mode... ;)

** thanks for pics source**



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(>_<) ----->> (^_^)

Assalamualaikum... (^_^) Hope all of u are doing fine..

As for RIGHT NOW.., AT THIS MOMENT.., i would say i'm not in a good mood.. What the..?? It's damn illogical!!! Phewww~~ I didn't want to mention it.., let just keep to myself.. Yah!! Really ruined my image!! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! <<--- borrow iljimae trademark word. Hahahhahaa (still can laugh...)

But...., (sudden 'but' with bling! bling! face) once i suddenly opened my friend's tumblr..., make me smile again.. Hahhahahahaaa (laugh again)

Erkkk~~ Master..., just now i think you're in swing mood mode..

Hahahhahaha. Did u know why...??? After i saw this...

♥♥ would be my 1st as usual.. ♥♥

2nd place after Simba..

And the rest... Yayyyy!!!

Cutie right...??? Kakkakakakakaa. Shake their head again and again and again and again and again and...

Yah!!! How many again...??? Hahahahahaha. (^_~)V

Hmmm... I have 13 boyfriends... You..??? You didn't have right..??? Hahhahahaha. So please... Don't envy me.. Hahahahahhaha *=P

♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥ ♥ SJ ♥

--> Credit to the real owner... Really thanks..^^

If u want them to be your boyfriends..., please be a part of
sapphire blue ocean

p/s: what happened with sungminnie face and heenim hair..??? huwaaaaa *=,( after publish it ruin both cutie.. duhhh~~ mianh.. (-_-)


Monday, June 27, 2011

>>--- ♥♥♥ --->>

"You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much i really love you
My affection is real
My love is real

The moon represents my heart..."
Love both of you..

Please take care (^_^)

Master, who are them..??

I'll post about them on next entry..


I didn't know yet... Please wait baby blog... ^^ (bling! bling! mode)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Announcement

Assalamualaikum... ^^

Testing 1, 2, 3... Testing 1, 2, 3..

Today..., i didn't active facebooking like usual.. Whoaaaa!! This was TREMENDOUSLY amazing!!


Hmm.. Master..., glad to hear that..

Shut up baby blog... Hahahahhaa. Really ruined my image!!! Phewww~~


p/s: just want to tell that.. hahahhahahaa *=P


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum... (^_^)

Just finished watching Mega Movie at TV3.. (^_^) Damn!!! It was aweeeeeeeesome!! Hahahahahahahahhaha.

Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid

I didn't expect.. I could watch this story AFTER 7 years!! Whoaaaaaaa... Great feeling babe!! Wink! Wink!

Main casting..

Johnny Messner as Bill Johnson
KaDee Strickland as Sam Rogers
Matthew Marsden as Dr. Jack Byron
Nicholas Gonzalez as Dr. Ben Douglas
Eugene Byrd as Cole Burris
Karl Yune as Tran
Salli-Richardson-Whitfield as Gail Stern
Morris Chestnut as Gordon Mitchell

They were eight.. Are they same as Super Junior-M..??? Hahhahaha *=P

...And tremendously my favourite is Bill Johnson ^^ <3

I just think he's so cool.. Wahahahhahahaa *=P

I'm still remember the plot.. Just a little bit i forgot.. And My Mama interrupted me...,

You already watched it.. Why do you keep watching...???

Mama..., i'm watching this while in high school.. While in Form 2.. And the cd i bought didn't have subtitles.. Do understand.. Hehehehehheehuhuhuahahahhahaha.

Tonight is really daebakkk!!!

Yeah3.. I will sleep with wide smile tonight.. Like this.. (^___________^)

Till then~~

Good night everybody.. Already 1:13 a.m. See ya next time!! Good night Siwon (^^,)


Friday, June 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum... ^^

Ahhh~~ Today...??? Such a crazy day.. (@_@) I didn't do anything.. But what the....??? I'm keep sleepy for the day.. Just a few hours i see the world.. Goshhhh!!!

Am i panda..??? 22 hours out of 24 hours sleep..??? Erkkkkk~~~ Help me!!!

but this panda seemed active.. kekekekeke


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Online Shopping (@_@)

Assalamualaikum... (^_~)

Today was such a great day!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! Alhamdulillah... Thanks to Allah..., our Creator^^ Right now.., i was sincerely addicted to online shopping.. Dig my own grave.. I only have RM20 in my bank right now.. Wahahahahahaha. But at least.., i could feel the satisfaction.. (^____^) Really felt it!! Never mind about money.. You could find it. Yeah3.. But please..., do love your money... ($_$)

These korean drama.., was a collaboration with my cousin, Amie.. Hahahahhaa. We bought these and exchanged.. Brilliant3!! Sparrrrrta!! But Haru was crazy.. Wargh3. We couldn't able to stop our laugh.. Hahahhaha.

(^_^) I'm K-Pop Freak!!

My beloved's name.. One i bought thru online.., but another one, Mamat, my best-est cousin bought for me while he was outstation &amp;lt;&amp;lt;--- exaggeration. hahahhaa^^

I'm KyuWon lover.. 2 for me, 2 for Amie

phone chain..

I was captivated when i first saw this tee while Super Junior performed on Super Show 3 at Vietnam. Fans uploaded SJ members pic and i truly hypnotized with the tee. The day after SS3 Viet.., i asked as many as i could to online k-pop shop owner. U bought from SPAO..?? Are u crazy..?? U think i'm rich enough to buy from SPAO..??? Hahahha. Thanks to Weikeng Ho who tagged me on Facebook. Feel like wanna scream when i saw the pic.. Hahahhahaha (overdose) The price is affordable.. Seriously..^^

Wondering what's the number means.. Hmm.... At last i knew that those numbers represent their d.o.b. Ho also gave me that sticker too.. ~Please treat him as a child~ U know whom..??? Of course Heechul.. Hahahhaha. Thanks dearie^^

I love these buttons.. Two were key chain and another was pin-button.. Love her edit. I really didn't expect the edit made me satisfy. Just a little mistake from two "O" to one "O". She already correct it. Gumawo^^ When my eyes turned to eagle eye.. Kekekekeke.

look.. how many envelopes did i have... kekekke

this was really cool... i got receipt from the seller.. OFFICIAL receipt..^^ no need to know the amount.. hahahhaha *=P Private and confidential.. Gagaggagagagaga.

From the experiences...,

1- do not place your order on the spot.. try to compare the price with another sellers..

2- ask either the price including shipping fee or excluding

3- ask them when the current batch close so that u could estimate how many days left

4- ask them either it was pos laju or post ekspress.. (Malaysia buyers only)

in my opinion..., post laju is better than pos ekspress.. (even u must paid a little higher than pos ekspress) well at least pos laju will give u notification when u didn't at home so that u could pick your item(s) at post office.. more safe right..?? because once u received the item(s).., u must put down your signature or IC number.. pos ekspress? the postman just leave in your mailbox either u exist or not at home. erkkkk~~

5- the best ever part.., better u buy from ready stock items..

basically they will send to u tomorrow after u made payment today..^^


Devil Tips... Hahahahhahaha

Make your payment last minute... Wahahahaha. For example the day or two days or three days before batch is close so that u did not wait tooooo long.. Hahhahahahaha &amp;lt;&amp;lt;--- really devil

The incidents...

1- I'm waiting almost one month and my item didn't arrive!! (&amp;gt;_&amp;lt;) Goshhh... I went crazy!! It was RM50.. Not 50 cents okay!! Where's the item..??!! I want refund.. 3 times i sent via email to her but no response. Thanks God. At last she replied me.. I keep your promise to refund me dear...

2- Since i didn't make payment yet.., i saw the poster... Plus with the previous one. Really love Eunhyuk face reaction.. Hahahhahaha. The poster was ready stock and have three.

After i made payment.., she said it was bought by another buyers. What the.....??!! U already count my total payment but u gave to the other? She really apologized.. Earlier.., it was fine but when that buyer made her payment.., she paid for three posters.. Huh!! Greedy girl (who bought all three!!) I just wondering..., why won't u told that buyer that one of the poster are mine?!! Duhhh~~ But already settle.. ^^

3- I booked 1 item and already said to her that i will take a long time to make payment since i didn't go out. By hook or by crook..., i will settle it a.s.a.p. After quite a long time..,

Girl: the item still available or not??

Seller: already booked, but after three days didn't make payment.., i will re-sale it

!@#$%^&amp;amp;*() I swear.., i will cry if i didn't get that item!!! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

4- Item didn't arrive after 13 days until right now. Erkkk~~

What made me angry like angry birds...,

when i trace the tracking code.., it was already arrived at my state. But i didn't get it. I called the post office and complained about the condition..

5- I chose pos laju but the seller used pos ekspress.. Really made me stress... (#_#) What if my item didn't arrive to me..??? (#_#) Thanks god it was received to me.. Alhamdulillah..

6- Item was out of stock.., but she didn't refund me. She said she will post after get the new stock. I keep her words... Waiting for her new batch to close.. Hmmm..~~

7- Item was cracked.. Omg!! What the.... (&amp;gt;_&amp;lt;)

8- I didn't know either battery was out or the function was damage... Hmppphhhhhh. But still okay if it was damage.. No body know.. Gagaggagagaga.

9- Got email.. I must add another RM5 because my item had retention at customs. Erkk~~

  • We expect like this.., but it wasn't like we imagine. Therefore..., don't trust your imagination..
  • Online shopping have it's own risks as we a buyer had to face it.. ^^ Condition 4 and 9 was really familiar..

If u don't dare.., DO NOT try (this at home)

Okayyyyyy.. Enough.. I didn't have anymore budget to buy online.. And Munie..., pleaseeee..

bare in your mind
---&amp;gt;&amp;gt; NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK &amp;lt;&amp;lt;---
---&amp;gt;&amp;gt; NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK &amp;lt;&amp;lt;---
---&amp;gt;&amp;gt; NO SS3 PHOTO BOOK &amp;lt;&amp;lt;---

Thank you for the commercial break

Let just stare.. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

p/s: waiting for another two last items.. (^_^)


Monday, June 20, 2011




My day (at this moment) happy, happy, happy.. Kekekekkeke. Why..??? Didn't believe..?? (^______^) <<--- see my smile.. haha

Last night.., after back from village, i sleep. Hahahaha. This past few days.., my eyes surrendered early.. (white flag) And early in the morning.., my friends via facebook, rima yamashita posted on my wall.. Errkkkk.. Both Siwon and Yunho. 2 in 1 pic... (@_@) Screamed... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Really thanks her.. Kekekkeke. And my another friends show me her edit.. Screamed again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I was captured by her own creative!! <3 And the most i couldn't believe.., twhwanbin replied me..??? hhahahahhaa. big surprise!!^^



I already told..., Pos Laju. But why using Pos Ekspress..?? *faint* I have the incident.. My sock!! Therefore i was traumatized.. Huwaaaaaaaaaa *=,( But i hope everything will be fine.. Aamin.. Aamin.. Aamin..

But right now..., my eyes like wanna popped out.. Erkkkk. As i promised.., i will never break my promise.. Why u think i play-play like Phua Chu Kang..??? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Already told u.., i will settle it up no matter how.. You really didn't take my promise seriously.. Duhh~~ (dizzy suddenly).. Ahhh~~ Why people try to separate us Siwon..?? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,( Thanks god i read that comment.. Really unable to determine my feeling right now (-_-)

p/s: Seha..., tulong selamatkan aku.. Kalaw tidak memang aku meraung tahap gaban!!

OFF; 6:01 p.m. (with mixed feeling)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Assalamualaikum...^^ Hello there..

Guess what..?? Today is our SUPER HERO DAD day... Yayyyy!! Hmm.., what distracted me.., when mother's day.., i'm always forget.. Kekekekeke. Mama.., i'm sorry..

Okay..., back to the topic..

Did you think being a dad in this new millennium is easy..?? No.. Because children nowadays soooo complicated. There were many influences out there lead to many negative impacts. If they were not able to control their children.., you know the answer right..?? Definitely our attitude ruin!! If that happened.., don't you think they were not sad..???

Dad.. You know they were cool physically.. But inside.., they were crying.. That's our daddy feeling.. They tried to give the best to the family. How come you ignore them when you grow up..?? Check yourself.. If we accidently hurt them.., ask for forgiveness..

Remember my mom's word..
"No dad, you will never ever exist in this world.."

Therefore, to my beloved Baba..., AZMI BIN YUSOF

May Allah blessed u always.. There were no man daebakkk!! like you.. &lt;3 Thanks for these 21 years old.. Thanks for everything.. Saranghae.. &lt;3

..And to my uncles...,

Mahaiyadin bin Awang Tahir
Fadzil bin Awang
Ahmad bin Awang

To my cousins..,

Mohd Hapiz bin Mahaiyadin
Yahya bin Jamaluddin
Mohamad Azhari bin Ali
Ali bin Hashim
Muhammad Fakhrurrazi bin Ariffin

and father-to-be cousins..,

Imran bin Ahmad Marzuki
Mohd Nur Azad bin Abd. Rahman

I wish all of u ..,

I have Baba, Ayah and Abah in this big happy family.. Kekekkee.

p/s: it's hard to get my dad's photo.. erkkk~~ huwaaaa.. jen, u really made me envy (&gt;_&lt;) with your photos at tumblr..

your daughter

Friday, June 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^ Cheer up your mood so that it will have colourful day!!

I feel empty, zero, blurr, nothing, blank.. Weirdo.. Never happened before this.. But i swear..., i missed these two girls!! *=,(



They were my roommates for past three years.. Damn!! I couldn't bear anymore.. Huwaaaaaaaaa (tears falling down) *=,(

Aku rindu masa kita gelak macam orang gila, masa kita p pasar malam, masa kita btengkaq, masa kita keluaq, masa kita masak, masa kebuloq, masa naik teksi pakcik sharom, ..everything!! I missed all the moments..

Rindunya kat hampa dua... Sob3.. *=,(

Just finished calling my BFF, Nan. Really missed her.. At least could fade a little bit of my missing mood.. Hmmm~~

missed u damn much!!!

Someday..., i'll meet all of u.. Urghhhh... Really emotional today.. Huwaaaaa *=,(

Woot woot! Woot woot!!

editor jinu..., thanks!!

but still.., couldn't cheer me the fullest *=,( what happened today..??

Love.., give the best feeling that couldn't be interpret with rough eye..
It's the heart relationship..

p/s: siwon choi back to taiwan today.. safe journey.. i'm waiting for his acting in skip beat..^^


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum...^^ Peace upon you..

I just want to share the article i got from Facebook.. I'm really disappointed when i read this..


Request Fair and Reasonable Treatment for Super Junior

Again and again, the unfair treatment to Super Junior is breaking our hearts. But for the sake of our beloved SJ, we choose to ignore all the nonsense. However, we show our tolerance and yet we get intensified hurts in return. For instance, the unfair award by GDA (Golden Disk Award)

And the SM Town Concert held in Paris recently, the official fan page on Facebook kept posting other artistes' photos. They uploaded a few only after fans' repeated requests for Super Junior's photo. Even had fans had commented that they thought Super Junior was missing or they were not participating in the show. From here we can see how the company ignoring them.

Ironically, in certain Korean Media News, super junior became a dispensable role eventhough from the video we can clearly see that there's a lot of supports and love shown to them. But the media did not even mention their name. These factless reports were hurting us and also the people we love from our heart.

In fact, their popularity is obvious since they have been choosen as the honorary ambassador for Korean Food Promotion and Seoul Summer Sale. However, this does not improve their position in the company. Their popularity is fully utilized and yet a proper recognition and a fair treatment which they deserve is still not given.

So if you're ELF.., please sign this petition.. CLICK HERE Support our SJ

I'm done!! Number 7453 (^^,)

Till then~~

p/s: i realized that i got only 2 photos of Siwon from the official fan page on Facebook. this is really frustrated..


Tuesday, June 14, 2011



I never thought today was such a bored day, as a result i'm boring person.. Duhhh~~ I watched TV but in half-conscious. Kakakkakakakakka.

Here come the story.... I was in my bedroom and it was quite hot... I feel like in sauna. Hahahahaha. Therefore i turned on air-cond. While i wanted to close door.., sudden accident.. I hit basket. (where is your eye..???) My nail crack... (@_@) *dizzy when i saw the blood*

I didn't expect until like this.. Huwaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

"You always walked with your own harsh style.. Go walk like that again.." (mama)

"It's not biggie.. No need to cry" (baba)

Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It's hurt. So Dr. Mama put ointment on my injured.. Thank you mama.. *=,(

blood stain on tissue
_i love my o-typed blood. sorry for didn't keep u save (-_-)_

Visit me.. I'm a clumsy patient

Woot woot! Woot woot!

Donghae tweeted.. I don't care so much... But...., Oh my!!! Donghae-ah...., you really wanna give me sweet dream tonight.. Siwon (^_^) Thanks!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Twin Day!!

Assalamualaikum... ^^
Great Sunday to everyone... May Allah blessed us.. Insyaallah... (^^,)

For today...., i think it belonged to Kama and Muna.. Hehe. Welcome to my club.. Terbaikkkk!!

Sanah helwah yang ke-21..
Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu.. Aamin..

Rindu kat hampa dua orang...!! Seriously. Aku dilanda penyakit rindu kat hampa niyh...

Introducing.... Naughty twin -----------&gt;&gt;&gt;

miss black scarf: Mukarramah -kama-
miss white scarf: Munawwarah -muna-

Yeah.. They look the same.., but different.. I swear.. Hehe. This is my 3rd twin friend.. Being with this crazy twin always made me laugh..

So.., who's the eldest..??? Hmm.. The eldest is Kama and the 2nd is Muna. Seriously.., the first time i saw them.., i got blurrr.. How to differentiate them...?? My secret weapon... Sixth sense + instinct.. Kekekkeke. Kama have mature face while Munawwarah have chipmunk face.. Oppsss!!! *=P hahahahha

Actually Munawwarah more close with me compared to Kama. Kama close to my roommate, Seha.. Hehe. When they come to my room.., always together. Haha. Ahh~~ Really missed them..

Check this out!! Hahahhahahahha

kekekke. vin diesel girl version.. kekekkee

Kama, Muna.., i'm sorry.. Last year i'm forgot to include your pic in my baby blog.. Mianheyo.. (-_-) tsk! tsk! tsk!

Take care girls!!! See ya in convo!! ^^

Woot woooot...!! Woot wooot!! &lt;&lt;---- sudden sound


long time no see siwon's face.. hahahahahahaha. missed him...
thanks to heenim update!!


p/s: my cousin.., sis hani was hospitalized.. she caught fever with high temperature.. please pray for her.. aamin.. get well soon sis!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Assalamualaikum everybody... (^_^)

May your day fulled of happiness colours even it was hard to face obstacles.. Everything happened for a reason..^^ Do believe it!!

Okay.., as i promised.., i want to share my little experiences during 3 days vacation.. Take a look at this map. Scroll ------->>>

Take a look at the blue circle.. ^^ You can see Georgetown, Taiping and Brinchang.. All these were different in state... Yeayyyyyyy!!! Georgetown was in Penang, Taiping was in Perak and Brinchang was in Pahang.

My 1st journey was Cameron Highland in Pahang Darul Makmur.. "Mangkuk Hijau Malaysia" (Cameron again..??? Yeahhh.. Favourite port ^^) Ahhh~~ Damn cool. Hahahhahaha. But i'm really surrender (white flag) about the road.. Dizzy.. Huwaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

So, outsiders... Please... Include Cameron Highland as your tourism list when you come to my country..^^

Proceed to Taiping, Perak.. We arrived around 4 o'clock here.. Guess my destination..??? Scroll ---->>

Hahahahahaha. You will laugh to me.. Kekekkekee. We went to Taiping Zoo.. Kekekkekekee. Hehe. I'm very excited and frustrated too..

Excited: Long time no see with animals..

Frustrated: Didn't have enough time to explore the zoo because time is running out!!

I went there 5 p.m. and the zoo close at 6 p.m. Too bad~~ I'm not able to meet familiar animals while i was kid; mr. zebra, mr. giraffe, mr. tiger, many more.. duhhh~~~ *=,(

While in Penang..., i went to Padang Kota.. Just stop there having a lunch.. When you go to Penang..., please (again) try ~char kue tiau~ This is food okay..??? Not tourism place. Hahahhahahahaha. Sorry.. *=P

But firstly..., i must ride this ferry to stop at Padang Kota.. Feel like on Titanic <<-- exaggeration. Hahahhahahaha. Jack!!! Rose!! Hahhahaha... (crazy)

...I love while on this...
Love the wave sound
Love the fresh air while in the middle of sea

Sometime I asked my dad let's go to Penang. Why?? Just to ride this 'Titanic' Yeah!! I feel great u know... Hehe (^_^) *happy*

I feel like this.. Hahahahaha. remember this scene..???
I'm flying..

Master, where is your photos...???

(Errrrkkk) Quiet baby blog... I'm big enough to have a photos.. Hmm..

Just say u ruined your parents camera..

Yeah3.. I admit it.. (-_-) <<--- ashamed of baby blog's word

**that's why tix pic is blurr

Have a visit here at MALAYSIA.. Why? Cause you're amazing like Bruno Mars said.. ^^

Hehe. (^_~)V

Just a simple blogging for this time... Take care everybody... Hope all of u doing fine.. ^^ See ya next time!! When..??? Hahahahhaha. (that my answer)