Friday, November 16, 2018

YOU, ㅋ

Assalamualaikum ^^,

I believe few weeks ago did bring kind of tornado to me. Yeah.

So, this is the initiative to cool down :)

I totally have this eager feeling to be a dhuyufurrahman agaian. I missed Holy Makkah. I missed everything.

I am hoping 2019 will be my journey to baytullah.

This time, it is totally different. I am praying to HIM, ya Allah, invite me to be there again, but this timee, with him. yes, him. Aamiin.. :,)

Ya muqollibal quluub, thabbit qalbi 'ala diinik.. Aamiin.. :')


Friday, November 9, 2018


Assalamualaikum ^^,

I guess I was in a confuse mind state.

Why I should think when it supposed to not be think. IDK.


Day 1: I found that I didn't even care. But my other heart said that it would be a great lost if I didn't embrace you.

Day 2: When I said I am truly redha. I really mean I am accepting the fact; what I am hoping will be vice versa. And I believed that what I want wouldn't be counted because HE will give me something what I need.

May Allah ease. Aamiin..


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

precious gift


Hi reader I yang ada atau x dak.

This morning, while walking towards loo, I saw my baba having his Dhuha prayer. But I found it is weird. He prayed like us. Normal. I mean in standing position and guess what? He could sujud. 


I just want you to know. I cried. Like seriously?! It's been a really lo~~ng time I didn't see him like that.

All this way, he was praying in bed, then in sitting position (but he was not able to perform sujud). 


Because he had his operation on carbuncle; kind of effect when your sugar in blood is higher. I know how he's suffering, struggling especially during dressing and handling his new mode of food consumption.

I am proudly say that I have a fighter daddy! Thank you!

If you zoom in, you will see a bandage on his back neck. Nahhhh, he's getting better and continue with his die-hard-fan fishing. Zz. Hahahaha.

I would love to update on his progress. Maybe after full recovery. Insyaallah.

See ya again. I am happy daughter! Yayyyyy! :,)

Oh! Btw, thanks for the warmth wishes too. I was officially 28 on yesterday. LULZ! I couldn't believe it, man! HAHAHAHA. 

Till next time. Tatatatata.

p/s: Aussie day 5. Duhhhhh. Just a lazy Mung to update. zz


Friday, October 20, 2017

GISO AUSSIE 2014 Day #4

I should write again.

Ohh hiiii.. ^^

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Lemme continue bout day four in Aussie.

16 Ogos 2014; Sabtu

It's time to say goodbye to Sydney (T_T) Next journey, we're heading to Wollongong. Why did it sounds like Indonesia..?? Hahaha. Who cares? I do.

Early morning, we're having a simple breakfast all together. 

Guess what? Dr. Hazmi playing piano. Hahaha. I did recorded the song. But hell yeah! My memory card damaged. All disappeared but not the memories. He played raya song (since we fly just a few weeks after Eid), Sonata Musim Salju also Maher Zain's song For The Rest of My Life. Awwwwch!  I couldn't refresh another song. It was WOOOWWW! Kahkahkah. I have to say, I am mesmerized with your talent, Dr. Hazmi! Hahahaha.

Getting ready.

While waiting they for loading bay. Vaping? Hahahaha.

See ya, Malaysia Hall :')

We're waiting at Central Station while few of our members went back to Paddy's Market. Yeah, Jupal left the sweater and Syu left her souvenirs. LOL! 

I still remember. Ta'ain had a little collide with a handicapped man. She didn't mean it at all. She apologized yet the man shouted "Fuck!" loudly. Errrrr.

Damn! The taste of hot mocha is no kidding! I was addicted right after had a sipping. Got drink after succeed a negotiation. Suhaib and Mar were PIC to buy coffee. HAHAHAHA. Maybe a long queue. They took some times too. 

When they appeared, I ambushed 'em "Did you guys go for a date or buying our coffee?"

Before Mar told me, I asked. "Who ordered?"


"Everything okay?"

She laughed.

"He's kind of controlling our Malay accent. Still, it was like aaaa sound after ordering. Hahahaha."

Good job, Heb! HAHAHAHA.

Hmm. The story behind this photo I think a little funny. Suhaib wanna have a photo with me. Kedahan team. Suddenly, there's a havoc occurred.

Jupal: I want to join too.

Suheb: You're not Kedahan.

Jupal: *unzipped his jacket* My tshirt was Kedahan.

Suhaib pushed him. Denying it. Bhahaha. Hey guys! Why having an adorable bickering here? Candyyyyy.

Suheb: That's my tshirt somehow!

Jupal was laughing and then suddenly Dr. Hazmi asked.

Sir: Why, you guys??

Iejan: They insist to take a photo with Kedahan team.

Then Sir joined us. Okay. Sir always Sir. Always welcome him.

Mar: That's not fair. Zufar wasn't Kedahan. Why I couldn't join? I don't care at all.

Thus, TWO Kedahan changed to FIVE Kedahan.

Still, there's a photo for real Kedahan. HAHAHAHA

..and finally. 

Bored for 1 hour 30 minutes. zz

After that, we gonna fetch up Dr. Amalina at North Wollongong Station (if i'm not mistaken). Tbh, this is my first time see her. I'm really hope she wasn't nerd. Thanks to Allah. She's really cool! Kekekeke.

Some of  girls requested to Dr. Lin.

"Dr. Lin, we're not gonna called you Dr. Lin, here. We gonna call you Kak Lin."


Weeeeehhhhuuuu!! Partayyyy!!

Wollongong like a village community. It was very peaceful. Awesome!! ^^ I wish to stay there again. 1 fine day, Insyaallah. Aamin... :')

Arrived. North Wollongong or Wollongong station?

After we left our belongings at Omar Mosque. Let's get cramp! Hehe.

Yeah! Proton Satria was made in Malaysia

There she is. Our Kak Lin & Abg Long Mie.

 Hello there! KA-YA-MA

p/s: yeahhhh. i insist not to be with ladies. why? shawl aku tak jadi kot? HAHAHAHA

Let these munchkins comrades enjoy their day.

Waiting for Dr. Hazmi. He treated us fish and chips from that blue signboard.

Like Abbey Road where The Beatles made their album.

You know what? Whenever a pedestrian wanted to cross this road, all vehicles will slow down. This was amazing! Yayyyy not nayyyy! Few of cars slowmo when they saw Mar. Bhahahaha. She didn't insist at all. Hahahaha. Just for photo. Lulz!

I love this! Could define "the real travelers"


The result from above photo. HAHAHAHA.

With baju kurung here in Aussie! Hahaha.

Fly high!

p/s: reason kenapa aku x jumping. kahkah

Laughing while discussing the shoes position.

p/s: group photos taken by Munirah. 
*applause for the angles and beautiful photos*

It could reach 25 meters height.

A small family eat there, near the ombak rindu.

Playboy Magazine Issue

Uh-huh. Envy with Iej.
I didn't have any photo with both liaisons.
A a a a a. 



Hype Mung

Snapping 'em while Rehan recorded the video.

We're 24 comrade #1990kiddos

Got two jealous kids in front of us

The baring Jupal and Suhaib coaxing Iej to snap their photo.

Actually, the Volkswagen behind us is moving. Hahahaha.
We made the photo because the driver drive slowly. Thanks! ^^

Sending Kak Sarah. Byeeee.

Hunting for food.

We're having our dinner at Turkish Delight. I am very sure. This is Iskander. Sharing with Mar and we drink hot cappuccino since there's no hot mocha. Definitely big cup! Kekekeke.

I am the only one taking photos of hangry hungry 'em.

Our journey was really thrilled. Guess what? Heavy rain!! I never ever thought there would be heavy rain in the middle of winter + windy.

The moment I remembered when we really drenched in raining, one car decreasing the car window, shouted, "Wanna beat ride..??" And they laughing.

All of us got blurred. Then Dr. Hazmi explained.

"They will teasing you when you were walking in the middle of raining. You're wet. They dry."

If I understand at the moment, DEFINITELY I will provoking back.

"You're champion for saying that? Chicken!" Hahahahaha.

Got creative. Wool sweater as umbrella since there's no hoodie.

Otw to get on the train, I asked Sir Hazmi. What is his feeling when he got his phD. 

"The moment I will never forget till the end of my life is when my friends request me to deliver a  simple speech. They're celebrating me. A simple party. I said, the real DR. is not me, but my parents over there while pointing at my parents. They sit behind. And I saw my mom's eyes teary. Aaaaa. It was a wonderful moment."

We take the last train. The officer said if you missed this train. You gonna walk. Thanks god! Hahah! :)


If you want to follow my previous Australia journey, do click the link below:

I guess the iced mocha I had on lunch made me done with the writing. Full writing. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Till we meet again. Another three days. I'm screwed!