Thursday, September 29, 2011

crazy talk with operator

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

What a day.. I'm very energetic to face a class today. But suddenly my lecturer cancelled it. Erkkk~~

And lastly we headed to PKP a.k.a Pusat Khidmat Pelajar. The place fulled of xerox machine, ATM machine, the best ever..., food and baverages.. Haha (^_^) *eating is wonderful*

I'm blogging at PKP now.. Different feeling.. Hahhahahaa. Crowded of people.. Kekkekeke. What a feeling. Btw.., i felt like crazy fool.

Previously..., i top-up a credit RM10. At night it balance for 11 cents?!! What the..???!!! Oh.., maybe some automatic application access towards my phone. So, i called the operator.

Me: Assalamualaikum...

Operator: Waalaikumussalam...

Me: I just top-up RM10. Right now just 11 cents.. Is that automatic applications freely access my phone..???

Operator: May i have your number Miss..??

Me: (telling my address. bla. bla. bla. bla. bla) Did any automatic applications..???

Operator: At this moment no, Miss..

Me: Really..???

Operator: Yes..

Me: Okay... So i'm the one over limit. Hahahhahahahahha.

I laughed on the spot, same with Mr. Operator..

Me: Thanks, Assalamualaikum..

Operator: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah...

sumpah malu gila. hahahhahahahahahhaa.

Thanks Mr. Operator for the entertainment... ^^


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

finally.. able to tell everything

Assalamualaikum... ^^

I feel really great. Yeahhhhh!! Finally i'm able to blogging again.. Really crazy. I didn't have wireless here (do have but like what the?! hahahhaa) Borrowed Ijan's broadband.

Thanks to Seha.. She brought card reader. So i just transfer the previous photos. No need to disturb Kak Fa. Kekekkeke.

Finally....... Yeah.. Finally, i could post about Taaruf Week a.k.a Orientation Week at Usim. Hehe. (photos actually. *=P)

*Kak Fa, Siwon Choi wifey Masit & Ain*

All students gave their attention but how bout us..?? Hahahahhaa. Could be considered as show off new matric card. Kakakaka. wey tudung aku jadi gila lam matrik kad. weeeeeehuuuu!! (^_^) *gila*

A-ha.. This bottle cap i got everytime the co-ordinator of Taaruf Week provide us drinking water. I just think it's really unique. I have four of this cap. Ngeeeee~~

Briefing time.. But I just focus on my missing mode to Siwon nad Kyuhyun. Hahahahaha.

Still in Super Junior mode. Everyone busy with the aerobic. Kekekeke. As usual.. We're busy snap the photo!! ^^


Last weekend, fly to The Mines. Searching for shoes.. Indeed!! I want that one with mustard+brown colour. But didn't have size. First choice always the best and this is mine..

All in white and black. Kekekkee

aku tamaw kuaq dah.. tix tren mahai derrr.. plus dit teksi g. mau bengkrap.. (#_#)

..And for today. I found A-Cha MV. I was like close your mouth reaction. Hahahahaha. How i'm amazed to Siwon (♥_♥). Hahahahahhahahahaha. He's gorgeous like always.. His voice is different. I think if i didn't watch the MV.., unable to recognize his voice. Hehe *=P

seriously.. aku melongo tengok Siwon Choi Super Junior kali niyh lam A-cha. Gila3.. (#_#)

Till next time. C ya everybody. Please take care.. Final day of Syawal right..?? Enjoy life the fullest. And happy birthday to Shindong hyung!! ^^

ALL VERSION CLEAR!! Weeehuuuuu.. I didn't owe Super Junior.. Hehe (^_^)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

?? In Qestion Mark ??

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Long time no see to all of you.. Well today was such a great day because i'm able to online using my own Mr. Lappy. Hehehehehe. Thanks TP-LINK!! (^_____^) The plan like last night was ruined. Kekeke. Woke up late in the morning as a result had to cancel off to fly searching for shoes.

Well.. I'm really missed u baby blog.. (T_T) Sorry for 'abandoning' you lol! I love you.. ♥

I keepwondering.., what subject that could be drop.. I think not this semester. Maybe next semester. And.., I hope Fiqh al-Ibadat, Malaysian Studies, Fiqh al-Jinayat and Fiqh al-Muamalat could be drop. I got A on these subjects while in Diploma. Lol!! I'm not show off. But i want to drop them.. bila nak kawen kalaw cni. hahahahaha

I want to post bout my orientation week. But the picture taken was still in handphone. Will ask Kak Fa to tansfer it. My handphone didn't have USB lol!! Hehe (^_~)V

IDK what the main idea i want to write.. Sorry.. (-_-)


Sanah helwah yang ke-21..
Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu. Amin...
Woihh rindu aa kat hang beb!!
Take care always 'AMMAR BIN FADZIL.. ^^


Friday, September 16, 2011

2nd week at USIM..

Assalamualaikum all.. ^^

How are you..?? I hope all of us will always in great health. Insyaallah.. Aamin..

Well for today.., i was trying to settle my GOALS a.k.a Global Open Access Learning System. (ahh~~ damn hard if no broadband. i have to admit that) Every time need to open portal. All informations were there.. Errkkk~~~

My orientation week..?? Hahahhahaa. Nothing at all. I just chill.. I'm 21 okay..?? But i have to say.., it was really different when i should be friend with somebody that was younger 2 years old with me. (@_@) Still trying to manage the feeling. I was the eldest in the class too.. What the..??!! (T_T)

My faculty was on the high place. So.., i learned to love the stairs. Hahahahaha.

That's all what i want to share. Hahhaahaha. Feel like a journal. No photos.. Huhu~~ Sorry.


When i was opening Twitter.., feel like i want to cry (teary eyes) Really miss Gee noona, Mah, Jenny the most. SIWON CHOI too (T_T) Hyung.., i missed you soooo much!! Jeongmal!! (i was screaming when i saw Siwon with Yunho)

Thanks for colouring my life!! Missing KUIS..

p/s: Congrats to Seha & Syida.. Kita jumpa nanti.. Tapi aku senior hampa 2 minggu naa.. Hahahahahahahahha.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'll Be Back

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

I'll be back after this but idk when it is. Pray for me.. I'm off to Islamic Science University of Malaysia.. Having my orientation week tomorrow. Hehe. Everybody.., please take care.. I love all of u.. ^^

See you next time~~

Goodbye baby blog, twitter, facebook..

p/s: Siwon Choi..., goodbye for now.. please take care.. I'm looking forward for Poseidon and Skip Beat.. ^^

Lots of love,

Monday, September 5, 2011

The 2nd Last Day, Last Night at Home

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

I'm so tiring.. Will leave my beloved Kedah by tomorrow.. (-_-,) But.., (still have but) this morning until evening my two best-est classmates while in high school came to my home. Hidup 5 Fathonah!! Hahahahahahaha.

After long time no see.. Yeah!! This was great moment!! ^^


triangle love..??? mwahahhaha.
awat getah sayoq nampak kat tangan aku

just act. fully normal. kakakaka. naughty ara!!

idk why with these two..

wey tudung aku ghemot sebelah!!

Okay.., when you're with me must be in Super Junior mode. Hahahaha

Are you really happy when i smirked and Ara just ignoring you with her blurr face Ann..??

Check Ara's blog post here. Syiot. Buh pic aku hat tah pa2.. Wargh3...

Thanks to both of you after long time.. I guess the last one we meet was on 2009 ^^

p/s: umi..., hang b'tunang x habaq kat aku.. tapa. tapa.. (padahai bengang gila dah) grrrr (>_<)


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twitter is real!!

Hello there!!

Finally i have time to share about something that really made me touched.. And i have to admit.., i swear.. Today was such a beautiful day in my life as Siwonest.. ^^

Maybe it was nothing. But for me.. (i'm crying) That's why i choose Siwon Choi as my fav bias..

that's me right..?? hehe. only elf will understand it.. ^^

Okay.. Let me show you the path of the story..

1- this girl tweeted to this WeLoveChoiSiwon fan page..

2- I just noticed it when it was RT by WLCS fan page.. I was online at this time. Plus i didn't follow the girl..

3- Siwon tweeted this. (he already deleted this tweet) and Melody was trending..

*what could you say..?? Siwon really read the tweet right???*

3- See.. I'm also RT what Siwon Choi said to the girl..

4- Then he change to this tweet. And Melody keep trending. Power of elfs

Oh my!! I'm really.. IDK. Siwon just sweet.. My love increase to him. That was really guaranteed.. *=,)

**Based on update..., it was a little girl who was Sungmin's biased. She died because of leukemia.

I love you Siwon.. ♥

You really read when elfs mentioned you.. *=,)



Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu.. Yang penting sila jangan langkah bendui aku.. Sekian, terima kasih.

May Allah blessed you always, cousin.. Love you always.. ^^ ♥


Saturday, September 3, 2011

such a messy day

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Hello peeps!! I guess today was such a messy day. Hahhahahaha. I just take it easy.. Hehe. Chill!!

First of all..., still Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims for 5th Eid Mubarak day. Hehe. Okay.., life begin!!

I need to fill up form for medical check-up. Then the nationality.. What am i supposed to fill..?? Warganegara or Malaysia.. Then i asked my mommy.. She just ignore me..

"Malaysia or Warganegara..??"

My daddy yelled at me.. (#_#) "MALAYSIA!! You didn't even knew it?!"

Ohh.. Okay..

"You like Korea so much then why you didn't write your nationality is Korea?!"

I was shocked with my mommy words.. But seriously i wanna laughing. Keep it but smiling like crazy nut!! Laughing at that serious time will jump into hot soup!! Hahahaha.

You know what? My mom know that i'm k-pop freak.. She also knew that i love Super Junior (even she didn't know what is actually SJ.. Maybe she would think is that human or games? hahahaha. sorry 슈퍼 주니어)

Mom.., your daughter is siwonest and elf okay..?? ♥ ♥ ♥

Arrived at Darul Aman Clinic for check-up.. Since i had experience like 3 years ago.., so no biggie.. ^^ Applause please... Hahhahaa. Dato' Dr. Syed Yusoff Idid was the owner of the clinic. And i met his son too. Handsome.. But his dad more handsome. Hahahahhaa. *=P

What made me laugh was mostly people came to do a medical check-up. Puhahahahhaha. The nurse was Kak Nab. She keep talking, talking, talking. Hahahhaha. And the girl after me name Nor Munirah and i am Munirah. So that Kak Nab was really need to be careful or the result will... Hahahahha.

Dr. was having hard cough. I hope he will get well soon.. ^^

Stopped at City Plaza to find shoe. Didn't get it.. Duhhhh~~ And..., buy new phone. Hahahahaha. But surely not the type at my wish list.. Kekeke. Nokia C1 (even my mom offered Nokia X2.) Just the cheapest one. 2 megapix cam, 1GB memory card. RM210.. (realized no need to buy expensive mobile phone. traumatized my N70 was stolen by bitch).

Take a look at my previous phone.. *=P

is this really Nokia 7100 slide phone..?? hahahhaa.

and my new C1
(C-one pronunciation was like you pronounce Siwon. hahahahaha)

Thanks Mom!!

And i was sending 'Ammar to Penang International Airport at Bayan Lepas. He had to go back to Egypt.. (-_-,) I'm sad because he's my closest cousin.. Pretending to be cool. Hahahhaa.

Even my camera was not so good.., i still capture the lovely night on the Penang Bridge.. ^^ (I feel like i was on Incheon Bridge. Mwahahahha. Athena drama influence. Kekekke)

Everybody.., do visit my country, MALAYSIA especially Korean.. Please crazy to my country like i crazy towards your country.. ^^

At this time i'm wondering.., i should own DSLR.. Kekkee

Well cousin..., see you on next year!! Take care.. ^^


Friday, September 2, 2011

scrabble #7 crazy siblings were my cousins. erkk~~

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

On first Eid Mubarak at granny's house..., i was chatting and having 'hoo-haa- with Iman (since Nodeah and Amie were sleeping) And i told her that I found the chill and cool girl made a video via YT with simple words and sometimes really funny. Haahahhahahaha.

Then suddenly Iman whispered to me.

"I really like one guy. You want to know him..?? He's same age with you. 21.."

Erkkk~~ What the hell? She's really crazy. You already know i'm in love with Siwon Choi right..?? What a question..

"I didn't prefer guy same age as me lol!!"

"Me too.. If that boy older than me i will made him my boyfriend"

Wargh3. Anak ikan hang ja tu wey..


3rd Eid.., having an open house at my pak ngah's resident.. They're making bihun sup. Goshhh!! My favourite.. ♥ But we went there late in the evening because we still have guests coming at home.. ^^

I'm really fulled while at home. Seriously.. So when we arrived.., i asked Iman to stay in her bedroom. Sleepy... (-_-) zZzZ. Syida called me too.. ^^ Then suddenly 'Ammar shouted..

"Munie.., where are you..?"

"Iman's room!!"

He appeared at the door. "My friends want to pray. So i want to close the door.."

"Sure.." and the door didn't fully close.

"Ya!! Fully close!!"

"Seemed like they want to see you lol!"

"I don't care. Just close..."

My eyes... Want to close....

"Munie!! Your parents wanna go home.." Erkkk~~ This cousin is really!!

"Okay, okay."

Tidy up a little and went down.. There were still many guests at down floor..

(Ammar in front of me) "Fiancee" He said to his friend. I didn't notice some of his friend because i thought they were praying right..??

"My fiancee" What the heck? Erkk~~ (@_@) Turned back and give him punch symbol. Hahahahaha. Hang bab nak jatuhkan saham aku nombot 1..

They're such a really crazy. But i didn't mind. I love them soooo much. Yeah.. Teasing is fun!! Kekekkeke.

p/s: btw.., reni smtown kat tokyo kalaw x silap. aku chill ja.. x perlu risau sebab siwon x dak. hehe. beraya dengan aman.. *=P


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello everyone.. ^^

Finally 1st September come.. Aishhhh.. I knew that ELFs around the world will sad. But i promised i won't cry. (padahal tersentot gak tengok pic last heenim tweet)

..and today the first time i called him hyung (while tweet).. This is his last update (T_T) I guess he looks more mature with new hair.. (still gorgeous lol!)

Trans: I’ll go and be back

On September 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul thanked his fans and the press before formally enlisting with the army.

Hundreds of fans from all over the world crowded the entrance before his arrival. The star arrived wearing a hat, which he took off in order to greet his fans. With a bright smile, he began, “I wasn’t going to greet anyone before enlisting, but I think my haircut came out okay.”

He continued with a bow, “I’ll come back as an adult. Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. After making a cute pose for the cameras, he added, “Please edit the pictures nicely if you’re going to upload them!”


And i will missed his crazy tweet..

*that's why i love twitter.. twitter is real!!*

and i found this video.. oh my!!

just click at cc and the subtitle will appear.. ^^

see ya.., please keep healthy heenim.
♥ saranghae!! ♥