Tuesday, January 9, 2018

precious gift


Hi reader I yang ada atau x dak.

This morning, while walking towards loo, I saw my baba having his Dhuha prayer. But I found it is weird. He prayed like us. Normal. I mean in standing position and guess what? He could sujud. 


I just want you to know. I cried. Like seriously?! It's been a really lo~~ng time I didn't see him like that.

All this way, he was praying in bed, then in sitting position (but he was not able to perform sujud). 


Because he had his operation on carbuncle; kind of effect when your sugar in blood is higher. I know how he's suffering, struggling especially during dressing and handling his new mode of food consumption.

I am proudly say that I have a fighter daddy! Thank you!

If you zoom in, you will see a bandage on his back neck. Nahhhh, he's getting better and continue with his die-hard-fan fishing. Zz. Hahahaha.

I would love to update on his progress. Maybe after full recovery. Insyaallah.

See ya again. I am happy daughter! Yayyyyy! :,)

Oh! Btw, thanks for the warmth wishes too. I was officially 28 on yesterday. LULZ! I couldn't believe it, man! HAHAHAHA. 

Till next time. Tatatatata.

p/s: Aussie day 5. Duhhhhh. Just a lazy Mung to update. zz


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