Monday, July 9, 2012

3 years in love ~

Hello peeps..!! ^^

It's been a while and i really have to admit that i'm super hyper lazy to update my baby blog *peace!* And for today.., MUNIRAH BINTI AZMI was a blogger for 3th years. Let's blow the candle. Ready? 1, 2, 3! Fuhhhhhhh... Yaaaaayyyyyyy!! ^^

*cake from google image*
lots of thanks for blew candle together. lol!

I love being a blogger. Feeling like a freedom to write anything i want. No body care. Yes! I love the way it is! ^^If you find my blog, i'm very glad. Just leave your trace. I'll reply your visit (if i have time, insyaallah) Thanks for those you stopped here, give support and the most special who didn't have intention to read mine, but accidentally my blog popped out. Hehe. May Allah blessed us forever and hereafter, insyaallah. Aamin.. ^^

Well, well, well.. I still have another 3 days to complete my ELSP *together with big bro akram made time go fast. ok. flirting mode. hahah* After this, i will stay home approximately 3 months. Semester break yaaaayyyy!!! Heaven! ^^

Oh btw.., idk why i bought Seungri's VVIP album. Am i VVIP to Seungri..?? Lol! But it was actually because the price is RM 9.90. Seriously!!

_CD & tracklist_

I didn't get poster and what so ever related to album (-_-) Just CD and the case *no CD case photo because of reflection*

Seungri-ah..., i'm very sorry. I didn't but directly from Korea and didn't support u for Hanteo. Just say you're grateful that i still have my interest listening to your songs. Maybe like this....??

p/s: his lovely voice hit me even i didn't understand..


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