Saturday, November 17, 2012

makan sampai lebam!

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

It's been a long time. sudah2 la muqoddimah ayat lapuk tuh.  Previous 2 weeks.. It was damn hard! Need to prepare for presentation and submit the assignments! I feel like (o_O) This weekend, really need to hang out with my group members. 

First, we decided to enjoy at TS and Low Yatt since Iejan want to buy new lappy. tapi WARDI ngan mamat x dak nak jadi sifu. But we cancelled it on last minute. Plan B. Lets's eat at Seoul Garden!! Yayyyyy!! ^^ This is my first time eat there, really excited!!

Since Rehan just the only one experienced with it, we make a move to Puchong. Errr.. I never go there. Just rely on Rehan 100% and guess what..?? She didn't really remember the way (T_T) Thanks to Farzad too for giving important clue. tapi dia pun sama ja macam Rehan. hahahaha. Finally here we come IOI Mall...

We take too much time to arrive here.. Kekkekeke 
Rushing towards Seoul Garden........

BEFORE the cooking session start

 preparing and eating

 AFTER the cooking session finish

p/s: sumpah aku rasa nak muntah bila bau makanan.. T_T
 Continue to strolling: reduce the full-stomach 
Why must be like stair..?? Kekekkee.
 I feel i'm really cool!!! I feel i'm really cool!! Hahahaha

Next time, wanna spend there again. 2 hours eating.. 
Oh Malaysia is really fantastic!
Thanks to Allah for everything... ^^



  1. sampai lebam baq hang. mahai tuhhh.huuhu

    1. hahahahaa. lepas penat wat assignment bagai kena la melaboq sket..

  2. hamboiii g seoul garden xhajak !!!!! :(

    1. hahahaha. ah hang!! ajak break pun xbangun tidoq g. pui. pui. pui. hahahaha