Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 - 121212VIday

Hello peeps!! ^^

Yeah... Today i'm very energetic. Kekekeke. I'm just.., HAPPY!! Well..., the main reason i'm really happy is 12/12/12 is Seungri's birthday!! ^^ Yaaaaayyyyy...

Last night VIP & Pandas made it as TTWW.

Can u see it?? (o_O) Can u see it???!! ^^ 

Happy birthday to Bigbang's maknae LEE SEUNGHYUN ^^ Stay health, stay happy, stay mischievous, stay cool.  ...and please keep reveal hyungs secret.. kekeke 

I think 2012 give such a great impact! Seungri's unique 12/12/12.., plus, BIGBANG won GDA.. YG Family yayyyyy!! ^^ Congrats dude!! Big hug from MALAYSIA..

p/s: do follow maknae seungri via twitter @ForvictoRi ^^


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