Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aquaria, KLCC for 2nd time!

Assalamualaikum peeps..!! ^^
Yesterday, hanging out with my buddies. No Fairus because she had a programme. Well, after three years i went back to Aquaria. Kekekekeke. Just awesome. Aquaria's staff really friendly. I guess new faces compared previously. Kkkkkk.
Oh ya! Since we're student, we got RM8 less because we brought our matric card.

First attention!!
Behind Mar were piranhasssssssssss..

Play station touch pool:
Mar played with Patrick starfish. Oh yes! That black thing is gamat. Sumpah geli x tahan! Iejan touched it. She said gamat's body is like a jelly. I think it's disgusting. Hahahahaha. Peace yawww!!!
 In the small 'cave' with Mar

Brazilian tarantula..
Wonderful creature!! ^^

Mar break through with Mr. Crocodile..
kau ada..?? hahahaha

upside view..
This is my favourite spot in Aquaria <3 

 Iejan & Mar

 Underwater world


Shark teeth! *shivering*
Penat ok aku terlangut semata nak ambik gambaq gigi dia.


I forgot what is their name. 
Hmmm... Sea eel?
They 'plant' their body in sand.. I'm really sure.


Shark's body structure

ambik gambaq dengan anak inchik tiger umpama ambik gambaq dengan jong kook! 
pang! pang! pang!

Continue our journey to Jalan TAR. Grab foods and more. Back to Nilai. Tired. Wonderful day! Feel like i had no legs anymore... -_-

p/s: happy belated 37th b'day sparta kook!! ^^ <3


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