Thursday, August 1, 2013

CHUA BOON HUAT 1980-2013

Hello peeps!

Today.., Malaysia sport in sadness.

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I was online this morning. Then i didn't even realized what link i had click on. It was said Chua Boon Huat died on accident. I got blank few seconds. I was once know his name but didn't know who is him exactly. He must be someone who is well-known because ordinary people would not popped out in bulletin.

I tried to search. Bingo! He was Malaysia hockey player. Oh my! He was just 33 years old! What i can say, he's tooooo young to die! According to news, he was the youngest of four siblings in his family.

A big condolence to his family

aku pun tataw pasai pa aku rasa sedih bila taw dia mati.
 rasa menusuk hati weyh.. 
serius aku x tipu 
mungkin sebab abang dia dah masuk Islam, tapi dia x b'kesempatan
serius dia macho



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