Tuesday, January 13, 2015

house warming partayyyyy!!

Assalamualaikum peep!! ^^

Yesterday, we were having house warming party @ Dr. Lin new apartment. Yaaaaayyyy!! ^^

Well, both lecturers; Dr. Lin & Dr. Hazmi treat us KFC. Hahaha. Gila hang x maw join. Makan free kot!

Let's photo talk the whole story meh!! ^^

banana choc by SR ^^

wefie or selfie..??

ladies ^_~

Dr. Zuf was assigned to give both Dr. Hazmi & Dr. Lin our GISO photos ^^
(after 5 months travelling. bhahahaha)


dekat cni aku nak highlight dua benda:

1- muka mar scary gila. hahaha

2- muka aku macam vangang ja. ngan juling macam uh. kahhhhhhh

frog style.
ong! ong! ong!

with Dr. Lin

See ya next semester while reporting our internship!
Hopefully we can travel again, together doc! ^^ <3


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