Saturday, May 7, 2016

Reminiscing the C-Day!

Assalamualaikum peeps! 

It's been a long, long, long, log, long, long time I drowned in my own world! Hahaha.

Well, too much updatessss that I'm fucking lazy to update. Cliche! Hahaha.

I promised to choose the random update. I think I had soooo~~ many stories and memorieson last year.

Yeahhhh. I want to remember the moment I had graduated. The moment the one-lined robe fit on me. Wuwuwuwuwu.

Our first meeting after almost 11 months didn't see each other

Well, we were from different states. Thus, our internship also diff. I was in Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Kedah, Iejan was in Majlis Agama Islam Tawau, Mar was in Jabatan Mufti Negeri Johor. It was awkward for sure at this moment! Hahahaha, But you know, best friends couldn't have the awkwardness for a long period. Kekekeke. 

Briefing on C-Day:

Kak Iejan, aku taw hang pandang sapa time niyh 

After lined up to get the invitation card.
Perakian Aini, Sabahan Iejan, Selangorian Seha, Kedahan cool; Me, Johorian Mar

Then, we promised to have a group photos. 
I mean team GISO Aussie 2014

Introducing the new hallyu star squad:
Rehan, Zatul, Mar, Eni, Iej, Super cool me, Zuf, Suheb, Azi, Faiq, Hanzy, Shab 

katak kembong!

 Next is, on the C-Day:

Ini menganjeng Sir Hazmi sebab nak sangadddd kannnn sembah Ratu >.<

Iej, we looked-like in high school! 

Thanks to Rehan's mom who took this photo after the ceremony. 

Thanks for everything!! :')

Semoga Allah panjangkan usia mereka, diberikan kesihatan yang baik, mempermudahkan urusan dunia & akhirat mereka. Aamiin.. Jasa kalian, x terbalas. Terima kasih di atas kesenangan yang diberikan kalian. Alhamdulillah, aku x pernah susah :') Ketahuilah kalian perkara terbaik dalam hidupku :') :') :') :')
Le Familia
p/s: hajar, thanks ambik gambaq kami! hehe

Finally, I had a big opportunity to meet these special Kings and Queens to 'em.
Alhamdulillah, though Iej's queen didn't come :)

Dear Cik Semoh, Cik Ramli, Cik  Rosnah, Cik Jimin.., 

Terima kasih kerana mempertemukan kami, anak-anak. Terima kasih kerana menjadikan Mariam dan Norijan sahabat yang x skema, yang saling memahami, yang selalu bergaduh patu baik balik, yang gila, yang masuk ayaq. 

Terima kasih banyak2!! :')

With Seha's family :)

Also, this was my first time too meeting face-to-face.

Dear Cik Naemah & Cik Baharuddin,

Thanks for bringing Seha to this world! I couldn't tell you how lucky I am to have her as my BFF :')

It's been second time we graduated together! It was mixed a feeling. Alhamdulillah. Seha was my friend, my roommate, my partner crime, my ears, my everything cause we know each other since in Diploma. It was 8 years friendship and I'm still counting. Yeahhhhhhhhh

Congrats on your Master Degree too babe! 

They came to celeb my C-Day too. Hurrrraaaayyyy!!
Iman's C-day was on 7/11/2015. I was on 8/11/2015. 

Thanks for our parents!
Always support us, motivated us!

My happiest day cause I got two bouquets of flowers.
OMG! I couldn't stand roses!
 A a a a a a a a a

Thanks to my parents & Sis Hani for these wonderful bouquet!! :')


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