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GISO AUSSIE 2014 Day #3

Assalamualaikum peeps!!

Di tengah malam ini, aku yang acah Cinderella tak tidoq lagi berjaya jugak susun, tulih sikit2, edit susunan gambaq setelah beberapa hari aku bersengkang mata nak post entry dan jugak setelah 2016 aku x update apa2 cerita berkaitan Australia. Ternyata aku sangatlah busy mengalahkan Trump yang rakyatnya bergolak la niyh dan mungkin juga pemalas dan mungkin juga kekeringan idea dan mungkin juga sumber internet tidak berdesup laju bagaikan jantung mengepam darah kerana kuasa data takkan sesekali sama dengan lajunya kuasa wifi rumah.

Jadi, maafkan saya. Dengan ini, saya persembahkan entri pertama untuk tahun 2017. Yayyyyy (bersorak kegirangan sendiri)

15 Ogos 2014; Jumaat

Pagi niyh suhu 5 degree C. Kiranya kau bercakap keluaq asap. Mesti la batak. Hahaha. Sebenaqnya, hakikatnya, realitinya, aku dah lupa perjalanan hari ke-3 kat Sydney. Mwahaha. Tapi bila scanning through the photos, ingatan marhaen aku tercantum balik. Ibarat sel-sel otak bercantum dan berkembang sehingga menjadi 3 trillion. Ok. Tiru ayat iklan susu. Bhahaha. Okay, let's kick-start!



Day three in Australia, we woke up early in the morning (damn for sure!) to proceed the journey. Somehow, three days in foreign country, really made me whining like a crybaby. I wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeeee. A salutation and acknowledgement for overseas students' who came learning, finding knowledge, studying hardly in other country. Kudos!

This pasteurized milk always in my bag pack.
Me love you! 

Early comers to bus stop.

Here we go, waiting for the bus

Shawl comrades

Ikan Bawal comrades

Asking Suhaib to be like hungry expression
Nahhhh. Great collaboration! Kekekeke

Heading to Bondi
Pronounce as "Bon-dai"

Okay. Arrived.

Bondi. Perghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Superb! But it was damn hot! Dalam hati, weyh Sir niyh paddddia. Bawak tempat panaih. Kata mai Aussie, apadahal mai tempat panaih *kerikerik*

So this is Bondi Beach!! Enjoy the photosssssssssssssssss!! Hahahaha

It was damn cool when the wave splashed over the pool @ Bondi Iceberg Hotel!

That moment when you didn't in a good mood because it was hot
Weyh dekat Malaysia pun aku tak lepak kat tempat panaih sebab acah diva

..and they could having a photos with happiness penuh jaya lagi berkarisma.

Blue, seducing water!

Nerd mode

..and sudden havoc mode

The hipster representative. LOL!

p/s: Suggesting Malaysia to organize graffiti competition too :)

This was 10 a.m. and you're playing volleyball.
Man, this is hot. Don't you get it?

Bondi Beach yes for sure didn't even have a single tree to stay under it.

This is Bella.

Motif dia menganjeng sebab kami pun ada Kak Bella kau dalam group.

Walking to Hyde Park

Sangat menyampah sebab Sir Hazmi kau jalan sangat laju, nyah! 
Aku dengan sakit kaki. Dan rasa nak mengamuk. Hahaha

Welcome to Hyde Park!

Dr. Hazmi said that Australia do have Hyde Park in a big city like Sydney and Canberra. I'm not sure for Perth. P tanya matlutpi. Kekeke 

Taken by Iej. I don't know when she snapped this.
But, hey! Thanks! ^^

Taken by Syuhada.
Burok gila nak mati. Asai aku x semenggah gila?

Tapi sumpah suka sebab menjadi aku lompat walau kau rasa nak lempang apasai anak dara ni lompat sampai macam tu

When you're in the middle of winter but you choose the flip-flop.
You're damn cool, Mung!

I think these are purple cabbages on my first glance. 

Meet Oliver from Perth.

..and was approached by a production crew.

We never thought Oliver was in the middle of filming. He was shooting and he was in the mission with another pals. I noticed 'em. But who cares. Kekeke.  

Appreciation photo di tengah ghembang panaih

Nah aku bagi teaser

If you won't believe me I was on Australia TV programme, you may click HERE 
Starting on 26:21.

Kahkahkah. Retis sangad!

After approached by production crew, they approached us.

"Korang orang Malaysia eh?"
A simple greeting that made us excited.
Definitely! Who speak Malays in Aussie except us, GISO team. 

They had their out-station in Canberra. And today they grab a chance visiting Sydney. We asked them, how was Canberra? They said it was like Putrajaya in Malaysia. Organized, since it was   capital of Australia, centre of all ministry. They claimed too, Sydney was amazing compared to Canberra. Kekeke :)

Le, le, le, le, le, le
It was what he sing. 

Take a look. Could you spot it?

I just noticed when Iejan said after we're in Malaysia. Bhahaha.

Iejan: Sengal gilerrrr dorang nak ambik gambar kat sini.
Aku: Awat? Cantik ja gambaq..??
Iejan: Kau tengok patung belakang tuh
Aku: Kahkahkah. Porno gila! 

That nude statue. Me is laughing hard!

Dr. Hazmi with his imitation

A hospital in the middle of a busy road.

p/s: aku ambik gambaq sebab ada boar. Sumpah tak tipu!

See. Hospital-pavement-road-building

Australia had this on certain pathway.

New South Wales State Library 

I love this photo. Zuf was floating! Kekeke.

Welcome to Royal Botanic Garden!

Golek-golek and no one care.
Do this in Malaysia and people will give a weird look to you.
Trust me!

Geng 24 #90

Getting ready to jump.

In Botanical Garden, Dr. Hazmi said we have to perform prayer here and now since Maghrib prayer is around the corner I was like, "Seriously..?? Are u kidding me Sir??"

Assuming he was joking and suddenly he performing the prayer after completed his ablution onto the green grasses as praying mat, clear blue sky as a roof. Hah?!

Kejutan apakah ini?

But if you think wisely, rationally, appropriately, Sir wants us to practice what we learnt instead of theories.

Somehow, I feel I'm cool! I feel damn cool when performing prayer in this situation. I'm proud because I am Muslim and Islam made it easier to their people in every way! ^_^

Fyi, never did it in Malaysia! Hahaha. Lesson learned!  

Waiting for the ablution turn 

New experience performing prayer

A bird sucking money honey?

The view while walking

..and here we goooooooooooo!
Sydney Opera House!

"Saya masa mula-mula nampak OPera House, perasaan saya berkobar-kobar. Ohhhh inilah Sydney Opera House yang selalu saya tengok dekat TV. Akhirnya ada depan mata saya"

Kind of exaggerating. But yeah! That's Dr. Hazmi! Bhahaha. He and his proud Australia kampung. Kekeke. I'm sorry, Sir! I'm having fun teasing you. Aye-ye!

Yeps! Under construction

Lost in my mood. My leg hurt. 
Tremendously I wanna cry! But Aussie made me so very kental k! Haha

The front of the Opera House.
p/s: Rehan as a model

Here. We created new story. My friends made a demonstration. Not a demo but kind of demo. Arghhhh. Idk the status actually. Whatever! I didn't join them since my leg hurt. I was sitting on the stairs. Then they suddenly shouted with synchronized; "FREE GAZA!" We clapped after that because it was really a beautiful shouting! Whoooo. Hahaha. Kudos!

People around us, some stopped and look at us. Then suddenly a guard came towards us. He warned us for acting like that. Plus, he also asked us to delete the video. Okay, in respect for the publicly voice out in their country, we apologized tapi hati meronta-ronta sebab BENGANG!

Last photo for momentos! ^^,

Moving from Sydney Opera House, we bumped into didgeridoo instrument again.
This gentleman imitating an aboriginal people.
p/s: Iej was sitting on kangaroo skin

After short, rushing shopping at Paddy's Market

Some of souvenirs I bought 

I bought a control helicopter too. 
After great nego by Iej, I bought it for AUD23. Approximately MYR69.

Good night! Really tired but we have to pack our belonging. Tomorrow, we gonna head to Wollongong. See ya Sydney! See ya Malaysia Hall!


If you want to follow my previous Australia journey, do click the link below:


The 1st and 2nd day was updated on 2015. No update on 2016. And today, after 3 years live with the memories, I wrote again. Don't even know when the balance day will be update. I'm so sorry for being lazy to those who read it. 

Till we meet again.

Lots of lovessss,

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