Sunday, March 20, 2011

Searching All Over The World (^_~)

Assalamualaikum.... Anneyong haseyo~~

When we still kids, mentioned about our interest there were a lot of it. Some love to read, collecting stamps, swimming, playing badminton, playing soccer, watching tv, and many more.. Hehe.

But, when the time changed, the day i'm matured (is it? hahahahaha) i noticed my interests also changed. But still, my reading habit always maintained. I love books especially novel.. Have tonnes of it. (^_^) But when i wanted to have a part-time job at bookstore, i got same answer.. "We don't have it" Huwaaaaa *=,( Don't like, don't like...

Now..., i love to make friends all over the world by using..... Ta daa...

"Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life"
Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. b(^^,)d

Right now.., I have Phillipine friend. Yeayyyyy!! She's friendly and i feel comfortable chatting with her. Zara Jane Nadua. But she is more glamorous with Bajejeng Nadua (^_~) I called her Jen.

What is important..., we share same madness.. SUPER JUNIOR... Whoa!! <<-- bling! bling! mood
My bias is Siwon and her bias is Ryeowook

Hey Jen! This is their friendship.. And this supposed ours too lol!! (^_~)

And I learned simple words from her too.. Magaling, Tama, Nanay, Tatay, Patawad, Salamat, Walang anuman.. Whoaaaaa... I loikeeeee it. Hehe.

Different country, different tradition, different language.. What is our liaison..?? English. I'm not saying i'm good in English..., but i dare to try. Yeahh!! That's the spirit!! At least i have confidence to speak in English. Can improve my English lol!! (^_~) Yes, i should grab the chance!!

MOOD: Friend! Friend! Friend! Wheehoooo~~

p/s: thanks for pic source (^_^) kamsahamnida~~

Halamak..., Remy Ishak nampak cool la plak kat tv. Hehe.

munirah azmi a.k.a munie siwonie


  1. i love you!! i was so touched by this.. it's like i wanted to cry really..
    chingu, pangako sa'yo we'll be friends like Siwonnie & Ryeowookie.. hehehe.. you know what i'm thinking earlier this afternoon?! i wanted to see you! that's true! I'll come and visit Malaysia.. but for sure it's not so soon! hahaha... TT_TT thanks so much for this... i'll post it to my profile okay? :p want your permission.. but i can't wait for reply.. bleh! *overwhealm* ^_________^ you really gave me a wide smile

    ---->jen ♥