Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Voices went out

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Seriously i'm tired. Driving is fun but i'm bored.. Kekekeke.

For today.., i'm asking Iejan and Qibtie to accompany me. I wanna buy ticket for mid semester break. Weeeeeeeeeeeeehuuu!! ^^ Definitely i couldn't wait for 6th of April.. Hehehehe.

Since Suhaib (asyik2 hang ja kan dok jadi hero lam karangan aku) have to go to UNIMAS, so it's my responsibility to find ticket before it's too late. Oh! I would say no to Catar Bus. Puhaha *=P

After done with a ticket, we're searching around Metrojaya. Seriously..., this is damn!! lot of shoes.. (T_T) *yeah. 3 voices need to be patient since we're in lack of money, the loveable situation. kekekekeke*

Lastly we decided to go back. Loitering is such a-sudden-stuck-favourite-activity when there's no money (T_T)

And accidentally i found 1 shop. They said all Japanese cartoon characters. But i was OMG!!!Not just the cartoon.., but K-POP!! Qibtie was next to the shop. I grabbed her hand and she also got excited. Yeah.. Ryeosomnia.. Hehe. There were posters, mug, poker card, oh idk how to describe. But seriously daebakkk!! I might buy if there was Siwon pillow. Mwahahahaha. Thanks because they didn't have it.

Next, we headed to basement parking, and we stopped at magazine shop. Variety of magazines.. Of course!! And i found Super Junior magazine. It's new magazine related to the boys. New facts, new photos. Aishhh.. My hands vibrate automatically. I scan the magazine *obviously towards Siwon Choi*


And there's two chinese girls comes nearby. They noticed the magazine too. *just on my right side*

"Super Junior?" One of them said curiously..

"I like Hyukkie"

"I like Donghae"

The moment i heard their conversation accidently, i was really immersed in reading Siwon facts. Then suddenly i cut them,

"I like him" and pointed at Siwon's photo. *He always gorgeous no matter what*

The girls turned to me with shocked expression.

"Oh... Shiwon!Shiwon!" *the one with excited face*

"Shiwon. I like Shiwon" *the one with happy face*

awathampaingatawekcunbertudungcamakuxlayansuperjuniorka..?? heheh

Then p layan pasar malam. Duit habeyh banyak. Sekian~

p/s: seriously, fangirling is daebakkk!! ^^
p/s 2: wanna scream when i saw huge super junior pillow (o_O)


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