Friday, March 9, 2012

My Heroes.....

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Here, i didn't wanna make a scandal. I just want to share about my two heroes. I'm happy to have them as my friends. My BFF. Thanks to Allah.., for this gift.. ^^

First of all..

_Ahmad Zufar bin Ayop_

He was my cousin's best friend while in diploma. I never thought that now that's my turn to be friend with him.. Helping me to service the car, wash the car.. Aishhh.. I'm not bullying him.., but i know nothing. Hehehe. Sorry for troubling you dude!! Seriously.., when we have a conversation, always ended up with laugh. Errkk~~ I'm truly tired with his mischievous (@_@) But he definitely have a kind heart. Oh yes... He really loves to snap pictures.. I could guarantee it.

_Suhaib bin Ishak_

My best ever young man. Yes of course.. Accompany me while driving Nilai-Alor Setar, Alor Setar-Nilai. When we went hometown (with Mizah too), he bought us the bus ticket. Seriously, feel like a big boss. Hehe. We shared many stories.. Bout love, ladies and man complicated heart. Shhhh...... Never spoke in polite, just straight forward words. Kekeke. I love the way he is. Didn't call me with appropriate. Just 'aku hang'. I think that's why we're really close. One more thing.., i realized he's very protective.. That's the charm he owned that he didn't realize..

They have the similarities in condemned myself as a fan girl.. But at least they know who is Siwon Choi. *applause please...* Hahahahahaha. I loikeeeeeeeeee that!! ^^ What make me laughed, one day i left Super Junior CD, and they heard it. Kekekeke. Daebakkk!!

They were like couple..

But they're normal okay..??? Don't get me wrong when i wrote couple. Kekekeke. (^_~)V Just..., if u want to find Suhaib, then ask Zufar. Wanna find Zufar, then ask Suhaib.

Sometimes, Zufar calling, and the voice is Suhaib. Calling Suhaib, and that's Zufar's voice. Same too with SMS. Erkkk~~ (@_@) Is that weird?? Hahaha. No.. That's their skill.. Definitely!!


Thanks for the friendship..
May Allah blessed both of u world and hereafter..


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