Tuesday, April 17, 2012

paddy field moment~

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Well i'm sorry for being too much hardworking lazy updating my lovely day.. Hehe. actually i'm being home on last 6th until 14th of April for mid semester break. Oh damn!! Very nice having at home.. ^^ ❤

My friend came along with me, Sabahan Iejan. Kekekkee. It was definitely awesome break!! ..and what made me laugh, Iejan of course came with excited expression when she saw paddy field! Hahahaha. *=P

paddy field after it was harvested

look at her face... hahahaha

the cool blog owner.. *=P

this is coincidence!!

did u spotted black dot in this photo..?? it was parachutist by.. (soldier i guess? idk) it was exciting watching them landing in paddy field.. ^^

i love this photo!! ^^❤
even tudung aku x jadi. hahahaha

For anyone who never ever being at paddy field..., puhleaseeee..

Special to foreigner: Come!! Kedah State in MALAYSIA is waiting for you!! ^^
Special to Malaysian: You're the most loser if u never experience this!! Haha. yes for sure i'm provoking u *=P

Okay. Stop here. 8:30 a.m. class waiting for me. GTG. Wanna get ready!! Love all of you.. See ya then!!

I'll make a move first *polite* kekekeke

p/s: suhaib ishak, gumawo.. ^^


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