Thursday, March 7, 2013

fast holiday!! ^^

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Really unexpected!! Last Friday all my 3 classes cancelled! I called mom to let her know. Then suddenly i heard Baba's voice.

"Kalaw nak balik.. Balik naik reta.. Bleyh servis sekali.."

"Seriously..??!! Ok fine.. Sok pagi Munie balik.."

It was like a dream!! Ahahaha. Then a journey begin the next day.. Iejan & Mariam accompanied me.. Lololol! ^^

makan itu wajib hatta kau drive sekalipun..

Like usual.. I will have a break have a kit kat at Tapah to refill the fuel & having lunch at Sungai Perak R&R. This time.., we bumped into Almy Nadia, Tam, Muneer etc. Seriously... Almy Nadia really beautiful without a make up! But i didn't take a photo with her.. Just..., admire her natural side.. ^^

kat situ tempat kejadian.., kata mariam

Arrived home at 6:30 p.m. Welcome to KEDAH, Mariam!! Lol!! ^^

The next day, must-do-activity is visiting Tok!! ^^ Yaayyy!! Everybody was surprised. 

"When did u coming home..??" Hehehe. Love it!!

Then having a lunch there..

mouth watering... 

Mama & Baba promised to bring Mariam & Iejan to Padang Besar, Thailand..

Sawadikap... ^^

These 2 girls bought t-shirt and what so ever.. Hahaha. They really enjoy their time.. Definitely!! Chang.. Chang.. Chang.. IDK why so crowded there.. Maybe they also have a fast holiday like us..?? 

Return to Tok's home again after had a shopping and photo session in paddy field!! ^^



seriously hang selebet munirah... -.-

Ah-haa...!! Before we're back.. My cousin already buy the jersey.. Hehe. Thanks Kakak Nadiah & Abang Piduih.. ^^

Proceed the day after tomorrow.. Muzium Padi, Kedah Darul Aman. I'm still excited even this is my 2nd visit. It was just amazing!! ^^ I didn't tell 'em to go there.. In case we have time.., so let's visit. I search the web.. bang!!

They open daily. Rezeki kekanak niyh la kan..??

 dulu aku p dewasa RM3 ja.. berkuatkuasa mulai 1/2/2013 tiket dewasa RM5

sebab ambik gambaq peta Kemboja: kampung Azi Torres. lol!

budak jakun! hahaha

2 budak jakun!! hahahahahahahaha

iejan tunggu orang masuk minang.. eh!

2nd visit tetap best!! ^^

senyuman jakun..

Please keep in mind:  ALL of these scenery is JUST a 3D drawing!! ^^

After finished inside of the muzium.. Move on to outside.. Kekkekeke. 

kan aku cakap mariam jakun dengan padi..??
 aku pun x paham dengan gambaq niyh.. hahahahaha

 nak sangat masuk lam mulut singa.. -.-

ijan cabut gigi encik singa, mariam x sempat melarang.. kekekeke

mariam berdamai dengan encik singa..

 tetapi iejan tetap mencabut gigi encik singa..

ok. aku cabut 2 gigi encik singa. hahaha

and tomorrow...

selamat tinggal awan negeriku..

Jumpa April nanti.. ^^

guess what.. baba didn't service boboiboy.

"ada 7 ratuih g.. banyak ratuih g.. x yah servis lah.."