Friday, March 15, 2013

wonderful friday; 15/3/20134

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Last night was really tough. (#_#) I didn't sleep well with Iejan because we need to present Fiqh al-Munakahat today. Hey! Hey! Hey! Dr. Fatah is not a joke okay!! (o_O) He's really strict during tuto class babe!! But he's funny during lecture class. Yes, i'm serious!

Well.., as 2nd presenter made me with Iejan lumberjack. Kkkkk. The most horrible moment when Dr. Fatah reject the presentation and of course the assignment!!

A little bit fail with pronunciation. He teased me with Iejan. Ahhh... I don't care at all.. Just put it aside, yo!! We finished it and he accept it!! (^_~)V Thanks to Allah...

 Dr. Fatah said our clothes was as same as the slides colour -.-
Yes, doc! We had intention.. Kekekeke

Hanging around again...................... Celebrating the VICTORY i guess.. Lol!! (^_^) Just feel the relieve mode. Kekekekeke.

oh i buy this sweater because of happy heart.. lol!
this is new colour for this semester.. ahahaha.
must grab! ^^

This is dragon ball
Mar's power: Green-blue dragon ball

 This is my power!! lol!
Blue-red dragon ball

this book is the best-est part ever!! ^______^

I want to buy it previously. I forgot to bring BB1M. Then last week i went to MPH. The book was sold out -.- I went back at the first bookshop. The sales girl said it was sold yesterday, sis (@_@) oh whathella!! Roaming around at the last day of exhibition at PKP. *Scan. Scan. Scan* Bingo!! I gotcha!! ^^

I feel blessed today!! ^^ <3 Thanks to Allah.. 


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