Saturday, December 31, 2011


Assalamualaikum... ^^

I guess around 45 minutes more to change into 2012. OMG!! (@_@) Seriously..., this year really have it's own memories.. ^^ I will keep it till the end of my life time

I'm very energetic when Siwon Choi tweeted...

good morning beautiful world. today's the last day of 2011 in korea time. thank GOD for everything. always amazing!

.. even i'm late 1 hour

Btw.., 2011 bring many memorable, excited, handsome memories.. Seriously.. Hehe. The day i become hard core of EverLasting Friend. Ahhhh~~~ I didn't believe.. Everyday.., early in the morning waiting to 5thjib Mr. Simple teaser..

And the 1st time ever.., i could feel Siwon sadness when his granny died. The deep feeling that i'm realized yeah..., i'm Siwonest.. That was such a great day!!

The day that finally i step on university that i desire while in diploma. The day that i celebrated my successful after 3 years in diploma. It was sweet...

Aishhh~~ IDK. And when football fan could accept Malaysia new style game.. I'm very happy.. Baddrol Bakhtiar.., thanks for being such a great leader to Harimau Malaya.. ^^

..and (seriously i'm speechless) i guess i stop here.. kekeke

Tata 2011... See you in dream.

What are my wish for 2012..??


See ya in next post!! ^^ kekeke

p/s: kenyang makan megi ngan iejan lepak bawah neon jingga kat parking FKP. hahaha


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