Thursday, December 1, 2011

shooting trip @ putrajaya

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Ahh~~ December come very fast.. Now we already in final month.. Goshhhh!!! Next year my age will change.. (@_@) Erkkk~~ How fast and furious!!

After a long time, today i'm gladly present our trip at Putrajaya. Putrajaya changed a lot!! Haha. Last time i visited here, no such a bombastic development. But now, as Malaysian.., we will surely proud of it!! Centre of government.. ^^ Beautiful..

Check our photos while there.. Just the best shots!! Hahahaa. If i uploaded here all the photos, i think that was an album. Not a blog!! Hahahaha. Check it out peeps!! ^^


Before we 'fly'... Photos really important!! Kekeke.

1st destination: Istana Kehakimaan

my best-est!! iejan, you will never walk alone without me!! (^_~)

both were my fav dongsaengs..
fairus & suhaib

happy... scene 1 done!! hahah

2nd destination: Taman Botani

welcome people!! ^^

ahhh~~ i love flower!! thanks god no roses.. or (change into devil face) i will pluck it!! hahaha *=P

with dak kecik.. ^^

asyraf azemi.. charismatic interviewer..

3rd destination: Taman Warisan

After finished at Taman Botani, move on to lunch!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!! (^______^) Eating time!!

Just a simple menu. Bored with nasi campur, we ate fried rice and ABC. Oh goshh!! I didn't believe i finished-up ABC by myself!! Hot day and it was really great to have ABC!! *drooling* What made me didn't satisfy, i didn't find the sink, if not.., i'm going to eat by hand.. Moreeee appetite!! (^_~) The price is reasonable..

Proceed to next destination... ^^

4th destination: Alamanda Putrajaya

up view.. ^^

I bought these.. My dream comics!! Le Gardenie!! Completed all version. Melayang RM30 duwet haku. Lantak la.. Asaikan bleyh baca full version. Ben, you're the best!!

everybody looks tired.. (-_-)

5th destination: Masjid Putra

inside masjid while Maghrib is around the time.. ^^ beautiful..

Last destination: Jambatan Seri Wawasan

The light on the bridge turned to many colours!! (^____^)

...and more colours!! ^^

Putrajaya at night..

Wow!! I was captivated by neons.. !!

.....The journey ended up.....

and here our main cameraguy and cameragirl.. (^_~)



It was really amazing even we're very tired.. ^^ Thanks for all co-operation guys!! And thanks for these memorable day.. Love all of u!!



  1. selamat datang ke putrajaya..inilah tempat aku sekarang..haha next time dtg la lg

  2. hahahahaha. insyaallah.. ^^ ingat dekat ka..?? mwahaha *=P