Wednesday, October 14, 2009

missed u

he never stop interrupting me.
he never gave up when i joked him too much.
he just said "never mind.."
always with his 'dry' behave.

how much You gave him patience, Ya Allah..??
i think he is too patient.
why just you go and find another?
the answer...
just HE knew..
but i don't want to be like human words,
"perasan gila minah niyh"

what can i say..,
i love him so much..
i can't deny it anymore.
only myself can feel the heart beat
how fast it was beating
may Allah blessed us..

i have lots of time
guide me, ya Allah..
if he is my future,
my destiny,
my perfection,
that You mentioned in Luh Mahfuz..

i missed you..
aku bleyh weng taw kalaw hg x dak
thanks for everything..


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