Sunday, April 17, 2011

DH's Fan


See..., when i said i really lazy to update..., my fingertips definitely will find blog and starts blogging like nothing happened.. Duhhh!!

Hmm..., before i introduce herself... Do all of you know who is DH..?? DH..?? I will say all of you know Super Junior but not Super Junior members. Hahahahahahha. *;)

This is DH, short form for Super Junior Donghae

Why Donghae should appear at my baby blog..??? Duhhh.. This is because Leya!! Huh!! Siwon-ah.., don't envy. Just cool.. I love you.. Hehehehehehe.

and this below is..
Noralia binti Nordin a.k.a DH kipas-susah-mati

This is the last pic we went out together including Seha before everyone went home for holiday.. Holiday..??? Yeah. Already finished our diploma study..

Hmm..., this is my roommate for last three years.. Ahhh~~ Tired with your face. Hhahhaha *=P So..., what i gonna say?? The first main thing!!

Sanah helwah yg ke-21.. Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu. Aku sayang hang!! Bila kita leyh jumpa lagi aa...??? Hahahahahha. Macam2 kenangan kita. Thanks for everything. And the most important..., thanks for your friendship.

Did all of you notice something...??? Is that syntax error like when we used calculator during high school..??? Hahahahahahahhaha. I used English. Whoaaaa!! (i'm sorry if my grammar bad. i'm not so good in English) Since she is my best ever friend.., therefore i wanted all the readers understand what i am writing about her. That's why i didn't use my fully dialect language.. My Kedah language. Kekekekeke.

Why? Why?

Yesterday was her birthday lol!! I'm not in blogging mood.. Therefore i post on today... Leya-sshi.., bianeyo. Hehe.

Help me.. Hmm??? Shout veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery loudly.. Say Happy birthday Leya. Okay..???

1....., 2....., 3!!!

WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU<<--- who shouted this..???

I just said Happy birthday Leya.

Project failed!! All of you didn't give cooperation with me (T_T) But..., still okay.. Hahahahahahahaha (am i crazy?) *=P

p/s: wey makcik!! kem salam kat puan ju.

munirahazmi a.k.a munie siwonie a.k.a kyuwon

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  1. aku google nama penuh aku..then aku jumpe post hang nih...huwaaa ak pernah baca sebelum nihh..terharuuuu(T_T)