Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Oxygen~~

Assalamualaikum... Peace everybody.. (^^,)

Where am i going for this quite long time?? Just ignore it!! Yeayy... Finally.. I'll be back..., to my beloved baby blog... Ewwww~~ You're not a good blog owner..

I'm sorry................. *=,( Wheyo??? Why all of you condemned myself..??? Please understand myself... Everything happened not as usual.. I feel down.. Really meant it. I am easily became hot-tempered person.. Ahh~~ Too sensitive. Lol!! This is not good.

Exactly!! That's why i wanted to maintain my blogging habit which recently i could categorized it became fade.. Like rose petal fall down. <<---- this is overdose Hahahahhaha.

Ok. Stop babbling~~ Full stop!!

Hmm..., why i didn't update..??? Ahh~~ That is because i'm addicted to this...

Did you know this..???

It just little sparrow~~ Duhh!! Why with the answer baby blog?? (-_-) Huh? I can hear the other answer.. I can hear you... Yes!! Correct!! Twitter. Ahh~~ I'm very addicted with it. My part-time hobby is reading Super Junior's member tweet even i didn't understand. Haha. I enjoyed their pics.. Hehe. Oo yeah..?? Or just Siwonie? Hahahahha. *=P Cut!! Please don't mention Super Junior again.. I become crazy (@_@)

Liar! Liar! the MAJOR reason is you're lazy to update me. Shhhh~~~ Baby blog..., please don't say it loudly.. You make me embrassed. ALREADY embrassed. Duhh~~ Grrrrrrr (blushed)

So...., this is my new port while online. Hahahahaha. Living room is free.. Let's messy it..!! (and my Mama will start pot-pet-pot-pet. hehe) Mama...., i'm sorry. Hehe *;)

Lying on this red comfortable mattress.. Ahh~~ I feel good.. Compared to my previous port. Just lying on the HARD floor. Hehe. Let's change. Lalalalalalala~~ That striped-pillow is my favourite while online or watching TV. Hehe. I love you... <3

Wire here, Wire there.. Ahhh~~ Dizzy. Kekekekkee. But seemed work at office.. Ahahahha. *=P

What work..??? What office..?? There were cd's. Korean drama cd's. I knew it..

Baby blog!! Could you just pretend u didn't know..?? Arghhhhhhh.. This baby blog really.... (she's really missed me.., therefore she condemned myself. hope all of you understand..)

Therefore..., new place and.., i'm in new mood.. Yeayyyyyy!!!


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