Friday, October 14, 2011

All of them were my dongsaengs.. ^^

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

This time i would like all of u just take a look at the photo. If any one of them attracted your heart, it's not my fault. Kekekeke

There's our name but i'm not sure u can see it clearly or not.. Let me introduce them again.. Lolololo.. I will start from left person for each row.. ^^ bila masa pulak kami sem 7 niyh. aiyoo

Mun, Yam, Ahda, Yan, Fairus, Ta'ain, Ijan, Farah, Aini, Iqa

Mizah, Kinah, Suhaib, Hanzalah, Faiq, Azi, Siwon Choi wifey, Syu

Aziz, Najib, Farzad, Daus, Asyraf

------------------------------Candid time----------------------------

..and suddenly i remembered this moment

p/s: today was Super Junior last stage.. see ya next time. but i have to admit, siwon didn't appear on stage really made me frustrated. emo gila seyh!!


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