Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating #26HAEppybday. Maybe..??

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Today was such amazing day.. No stress. Hanging out with my freakin girls.. Hehe. Nothing at all.. But just out to bird watching buy priorities.. Hehe.

rasa macam aku cool gila. wargh3

Syida & Seha

masa tunggu turn nak beli setem hasil pun depa dan lagi ambik gambaq. tapi setem hasil habeyh.. (-_-)

aku x paham apasai hang jadi malu tenuk la naseha.. hahahahahahaa.

the only photo triplet photo.. kekeke
pergh.. muka macam kebuloq gila.. hahahahha

But seriously i feel like regretting not buy the cake. If that so, 100% guaranteed that we really celebrate our DH birthday. Lololololo. Is that my birthday or DH? Hahahha. *confuse* Siwon, please don't get me wrong.. I love you more than Hae. If u didn't believe, just ask my co-elfs

And Hae's tweet photo coming.....

Happy birthday to my ex Lee Donghae.. May your day fulled of happiness.. But why Kyu more happy..??? Hahahhahaha.

With love,

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