Thursday, October 6, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Unbelievable..!! That's what i could say right now. Hahahahah. I didn't expect that right now my lecturer at Selangor International Islamic University of Malaysia was a celebrity. He was well known at TV Hijrah via Astro. That was really great!!

And i didn't know anything. Until Kak Fa texted me that our Ustaz Don Daniyal will coming USIM tonight.. Really???!!! And while at campus.., i found bout that.. Yeah.. He's really coming tonight.. But..., goshhh...!! I had class. And i still appear at DKP3 to anticipate it!! Hehe. I think i'm new one. Still can join the program even i had full class.. (-_-) (1st step to be an active student. hahaha) Once i arrived there.., TOOOOOOO many students.. Erkk~~

Okay.. It was paste onto the wall. And i snapped it.. Kekekekekeke. *=P

"Bila cinta mula berbunga, rindu mula berputik.."

Ustaz Don Daniyal Don Biyajid
Dr. Ahmad Wifaq Mokhtar

Mohd Razif Mohd Fuad <<--- he is my schoolmate

LOVE in Islam have the highest value
It consist of 141 ayat in Al-Quran
Love appear in human heart because Allah also love his slaves
If you're in love, do not make it wrong..
When you get married, the more you will control your eyes..

I just joined for first round.. Ahhh~~ Really tired. Mr. Bedroom waiting for us.. So we didn't wait untill the last round.. I missed SIIUC when i saw Ustaz Don.. (T_T)

And for me..., love is nothing untill the one that was destined to me was the one fulled of blessing from Allah and my parents.. Aamin.. ^^


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