Saturday, October 22, 2011

scrabble #8

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Subhanallah.... I really didn't believe this. Is that true..??? Maybe i'm muslim from baby, that's why the hidayah come in different way. Who know... (^_^)

I got this via Facebook. What made me whoaaaaaaaa was this involving Korean. Oh my gosh!! My prince Siwon Choi country.. ^^

Commander and 37 soldiers converted to Muslims:

Captain San Jin-Gu was one of 11SF Brigadier Commander, PBB from South Korea which was in Iraq. Captain San and his team was on duty at Irbil, North Iraq. During their duty on Irbil, they always saw Muslims solat in jamaah since their camp was nearby at mosque. They was amazed with the solat movements. Eager to know, Captain San try to imitate all the movement and practice it while he was alone.

The moment he practice it, he found the tranquility existed in his heart. That is why, the movement of solat was involving in his leadership team as medication programme instead of Yoga. Tremendously, all his team members feel exactly the same.

From the moment, Captain San was initiate to learn Islam deeper and finally decided to convert. Once he let know about his intention to his team members, he said, " I found life shine which i want to stay there and the shine was Islam." Unexpected, 37 of his members spontaneously raised up their hand to follow their commander to be in Islam. Allahuakbar!!


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  1. Humans being human make blunders along the way but when they ask for His help, rest assured Allah will and sometimes one cannot believe He does even for all the blunders that were made.