Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free of charge is heaven

Assalamualaikum peeps..!! ^^

Well i just went back having dinner with my friends. Super happy because fully sponsored by my bff. Heheh. Thanks dude! ^^

Oh, must have photos! Hahahaha

With my yayang, Qibtie.. ^^

My girls..

Suhaib, Zupal, blog owner, Iejan

Supposed to be 5 persons.., but Qibtie took photos..
Credit to her even not using her own phone. Kekeke. (^_~)V

Edited by: Zufar Ayop

Ok. Now..,
please switch your mood to romance mode peeps.. (^_~)

1, 2, 3!!

I will hold your hand like this until the petals fall down.

See how sweet i'm with Qibtie. Lol!!
*jadi reja dok mengarut*
Thanks Iejan.., just follow our 'crazy'.. Kekeke.

Once again, thanks Zupal..
p/s: sedap lain macam sebab x wok kuaq duit seniri beb! hahaha

munirahazmi ツ