Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's all your fault!

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Final exam is just around 2 days.. But i still have time to read novel. Phewww~~ Here's the novel..

Irham vs Hadry
*oh i can't choose.. both of them were super awesome*

Last night i'm reading this novel. Finished! What made me drooling, they mentioned about McD. Oh my!! I'm starving like a hell since i didn't have my dinner..Phewww~~ I feel this is the first time i ate McD because of an insane reason. Erkkk~~ (@_@)

*McChicken + Fries + Sprite*
p/s: 1 for Zupal, 1 for Daus.. Hahahaha

After eating, favourite trademark..

These two girls, imitated my style. Lols!!

*qibtie, fairus, blog owner*

p/s: Since Iejan didn't appear (because she's our photographer) so i give her big credit *=P Thanks girl!!

p/s 2: KCV, i'm sorry.. i didn't take care of you really well.. (T_T)

p/s 3: suhaib ishak.., thanks a lot!! ^^ KCV shining like a star! hehe (^_~)V


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