Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello peeps!!

Oh my!! Big day! Big Day!! Superb day!! ^^ Oh damnnnnn...
*smile widely*

Guess me!! Aishhh~~ Today is my prince graduation day!! ^^

더 큰 꿈을 품으며.. 더 넓은 세상을 향해 나아가겠습니다.. 인하인이여서 자랑스럽습니다 ^^

I will embrace a bigger dream.. And head for a wider world.. I was proud to be an Inha student ^^

Photos ^^ Just a few photos. I'm dying watching at his happy face!! Cukhae!! ^^

Also to Ryeowook.. They're in same university.. ^^


Both Siwon & Ryeowook



Seriously..., i'm proud of u SIWON CHOI!!^^

I'm speechless when i heard this news! What i could say..., congratulations!! ^^

I'm wishing that we both will success in our life. My star never ever disappoint me!! Instead, he motivated me!! That's why i never ever regret being SIWONEST!! ^^

credit to: premium, siwon407, ryeong9, pristaceylee


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