Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Sapphire Blue ~ My co-ELF

Hellooooooo people.. ^^

These were Super Junior die-hard-core that owned blue blood..

We have Ryeosomnia & Siwonest of course!!

My high school friend, Mah

Flying from Philippines, my babe, Jenny!! ^^

My sister, Gee

Oh this is me!!

Mah, Jen & Gee unnie is really daebakkk if it was related to Super Junior. But me..?? I m really know-the-most about Siwon Choi. Erkkk~~ I know nothing about the other 14 guys. A little bit i guess (-_-)

But seriously.., i'm enjoying being a fan girl. Haha (^_~)V I want to meet Siwon one fine day at pathway, or maybe subway? Else, being his navigator if he lost in Malaysia..?? Hahaha. Ok. I started day-dreaming again.

p/s: selamat menjadi tokey burger yang berjaya kepada suhaib, zupal, ngan idy.. ^^


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