Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New semester: New challenges

Assalamualaikum peeps!! ^^

Oh my!! I didn't update my online diary a.k.a beloved baby blog for a long time. Aishhhh.. Really enjoy my semester break. Kekekeke.

Well right now i'm 2nd semester student (another 6 semesters to be with) ^^ Yayyyy!! But my pointer didn't good enough. I must struggle to die this semester.. I promised!! ^^

What a big surprise..!! This semester, i got foreigner lecturers.. (@_@) *chocking*

Dr. Mariam from PHILIPPINES
100% in English

Dr. Misbah from EGYPT
100% in Arabic

Dr. Mahmud from SUDAN
100% in Arabic

I'm in a hot soup!! No mother's tongue language. By hook or by crook!! Oh i love my Malay language and Kedah dialect sooo much!! (T_T)

Hmm..., regarding this new semester also, no Iejan with me. She was in BLC 3. What the hella..?? (0_O) I feel like my crazy life didn't complete. My wing broken!! (T_T) Yeahhhh.. We do meet while in lecture hall. But..., it's still different!!

Well.., i wish that she will be happy with new classmates. Aamin..

p/s: i just filled in a form for hostel next semester. I hope i get it because i think living in a rent house quite hard. Pray for me so that i qualify.. Aamin, aamin, aamin..


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