Thursday, February 23, 2012

Version A --->> FINALLY ARRIVED!! ^^

Hello peeps!! ^^

I really took my very long time to bring Siwon live!! Hahahahaha.

Oo yeah... After a little technical problem.., big bro Siwon arrived safely!! ^^ Thanks Jia!! ^^

Come on.. I really need to show off. Puhleaseeee understand me!! Hahahaha *=P


Get set go!!

Double-sided cover

Gosh!! What a sexy Siwon cover. Oh my!! I didn't like it (seriously) but i have to buy because he's my bias. I'm Siwonest!! *i think i should buy heenim cover. siwon is too much exposed*

Colourful cd

Double-sided for individual photo too ^^

I ranked kyuhyun's photo as number 1. Soooo gorgeous!! ^^

Last but not least.., gigantic poster!!

Finally, the receipt *important for hanteo*
..also small note from Jia.. ^^ Thanks girl!! ♥

Hmm..., even it's too late.., but do mad at me if u still didn't own ver a!! Hahahaha. Yeah.. Definitely i'm provoking youuuuuuuuu... *=P

p/s: the album was different. it's big!! seriously. verify here on last photo ^^


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