Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1st Anniversary as SIWONEST ^^

Hello peeps!!

I think today was a great time to 'puke' all the wonderful memories..

Last 5/11/2011..., that was my day!! My 1st year anniversary being Siwonest and that was really awesome!! I couldn't believe i'm able to maintain my special support to my beloved future to be husband bias. The truth is, Siwon Choi already captured my first attention even he owned such a nerd hair style. Hahaha. I remember that nerdo hair-style when my friend save Sorry, Sorry in my Mr. Lappy.

This is the 1st ever time i'm fall in love with Siwon!!
When i watched No Other MV.. ^^

i could feel my eyes turned (♥_♥)

Just because i was captivated by Lee Donghae cuteness.., i didn't officially certified to choose Siwon. Aigoo~~ Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! When i knew Donghae was King of Tear.., i was shocked!! At that time i was date with him for 3 months. Well.., my friends do know that i love masculine guy. Hahahahahaha. That's the truth lol!! After i knew the fact about Donghae, i turned to Siwon Choi. Aishhh... I believe first choice is always true!! Hahahaha. Love ya, Prince of Gesture!! ^^

Urmmm... People might think i love him because he owned great body figure. Erkkk~~

But for me.., i just think that was just his asset. A gift.. Yeah.. ^^

Why he captivated my attention..??






with his fans^^

he didn't feel awkward while with kids
*oh i'm really envy with this cutie lil girl*

..and.. Ahhh~~ This make me dizzy.. (@_@)

how dork he is.., hahahaha

how charismatic while he's on the stage

how adorable even this is his commercial mamonde message

how he seduce you with his eyes
omg!! he's taking my photos..

how he always charmed people around him

If it's about Siwon.., i think time never enough for me to tell all of u. But i do love his style.. ^^ What style..?? IDK. No answer for that.. ^^

*I hope he's doing fine.. I hope i will bump with him at street or pathway. One fine day...


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