Friday, November 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum all.. ^^

Aishhhh... I missed you baby blog. Well.., i'm really busy starting this week. Have to submit assignment, quiz, personal project for ICT.

What make me crazy...??

I need to present my project on next week.. (didn't start anything yet)


Tomorrow my convo day!! Don't forget my present lol!! Hahahahaha.


BIG pink panther plush toy, or

BIG Smurf plush toy, or

BIG Angry bird plush toy, or

Siwon Choi pillow, <<----- make me scream.. (o_0) or

DSLR camera..??? <<----- almost welcome.. hahaha

Any letter will not be entertain. Choose ONE ONLY. hahahaha

And i really didn't have time to post previous story while on 'shooting trip'. Maybe next time..

Btw, congrats to HARIMAU MALAYA.. Gold medal for SEA Games.. Baddrol Bakhtiar terbaikkk ahhh...!!

Kama, hang x perlu nak gaduh ngan aku sebab Baddrol Bakhtiar la.. Aku geng ngan dia lama dah.. Hang baru nak inter-frame. Pa citak.. Hahahahahah *=P

I didn't mind when we lose 2-0 to Syria. All of u still tired for previous game.

Will update a.s.a.p. ^^

To all who graduate tomorrow and Sunday, congratulations to all of you!! Tapi Aiman x balik.. Sediyh... 3 musketeers tu x lengkap.. (-_-)

p/s: what a plain entry.. no photo(s) (T_T)


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