Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arrived!! ^^

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

November come and i didn't have the oppurtunity to save the date at draft. -_- So this supposed to be my first post for November... Ok. CUT!

Today was such a crazy day for me. Kekekeke. Mr. Simple Version B arrived safely. Thanks to Sis Nashrah, thanks to Airpak courier.. Hahaha. Happy, happy, happy!! ^_~

double-sided cover

the CD

super duper hyper big poster!!



Smile like super hyper crazy nut people!! I didn't believe i got Kyuhyun's photo card. It was damn unbelievable!! Last night i pray so hard.., ooohhh i hope Siwonie or Kyuhyun photo card. While slowly i opened up the album.., Kyuhyun's fall from the sky on my leg. Kyaa~~ Could u imagine, the probability to get either Siwon or Kyuhyun was 1/10 (are we learning maths now? kekeke)

Okay peeps!! Here's another random photo card from Version B!! ^^
If i got this photocard.., (#_#) i think i lose my voice *screaming cause* Even i got Kyuhyun's, i forgot myself. Hahaha. Can u imagine if this photo card mine..?? Jen and Ate Marianne got this. Oh please girls!! Take care of my prince.. ^^

Ok. Fall with Hyukjae 'love' sign

..... and if i got heenim, i think i might cry.. (-_-,)

i got all 9 members photo card but not heenim. it's weirdo!! while version b, he still on stage. and all these photo was taken when their 1st performance after their comeback at Mubank. i try to find sooo hard. i finally i was touched by looking at him.. (-_-,)

mode: keep smiling like this ----->>> (^___________________^)


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