Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr. Love..?? ♥♥♥

Hello peeps!!

Let's read this special love advice on last 14/11/2011..

Guess who wrote this..??? (^_~)

To Min Seo’s girlfriend Yeon Joo…

Yeon Joo ah, do you think that the relationship you have now is love?

Do you think that the relationship called love you now have is responsible for everything? It definitely is not.

According to the 25 year old oppa who sincerely wrote to Yeon Joo right before this, all men are the same.

The ones who meet you and let you drink, let you smoke, or ask for too much from you, you can spit at their face and then slap their face!!! That’s right, you should do that!!!!

That kind of guy needs to wake up… and learn what responsibility is!!!

Break up, learn well and work your way up!!

Although you are going to be sad, that is the only way… this is the right way.

After you get into university you’ll meet… it’s not good

When you become an adult, even if you don’t like him you’ll have to do it.

Endure it, learn well, righting!!

The pain you suffer now will make Yeon Joo happy in the future… <3

From The 26 year old oppa worried about Yeon Joo on autumn 2011.

ps. Get the english word (xxxxxx can’t see properly) then you can memorize it. You have to use it often TIP!

(Kyuhyun wrote this) Although this oppa writes better than oppa, but oppa (Kyuhyun) studies better!

(Siwon replies) That oppa is a wolf… He is a science student.. not english.. listen to me.


So.., all of you know that this is written by Siwon Choi.. Hahahaha. I might laughed, but the contents was touched.. Seriously.., Siwon, are you Dr. Love..??? Tell me..

**LOL!! what happened with this two guys..?? Quarreling on paper..?? Hahahaha. Dork!! Kekekkee. But Siwon really have a nice hand-writing.. Definitely!! ^^

p/s: credit to the real owner and translator.. b(^_^)d

Good night Dr. Love. Sweet dream.. ^^


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