Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum to all....

If anyone ask me who's my prince right now...??? I will laugh... Ha. Ha. Ha.

Here's my answer.. ------>> Choi Siwon and JKS.

They make me happy. They never hurt me. Therefore i feel free to love them. Kekekeke. And i have no probs when people say i crazy. Hahahahahahahaha. No big deal.. I could endure it!!

So just stop with that question..., u will get angry with me because it will be the same answer.. Okay..??? Hahahaha.

Don't blame me, don't condemn me, don't bash me if u got the answer.. Therefore.., just silent. Sshhhhh....

Tomorrow never die.. Ooo yeah..., but but my sleep time will die if i keep staring at screen.. Hahahaha. Okay..., already 2:10 a.m in Malaysia.. Let's sleep.. Good night everybody.. (^_~)

~Falling asleep with the beautiful sound of falling rain. Gnite~


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