Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wonderful Lady in My Heart..


Today is special day.. Whooaaaa!! Too many special day in my life.. Hehe. Very lucky!! Hmm.. (^_^) Therefore..., I wanted to wish..,

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved Mama..,

Semoga Mama panjang umoq, murah rezeki, dirahmati oleh Allah.. Aamin.. Thanks for these 21 years old. Perfect give from Allah.. I will appreciate it till the end of my life time.

Mama.., Munie saaaaaaaaayang Mama!!

saranghae <3
uhibbik <3
eu te amo <3
mahal kita <3
ich liebe dich <3
jeg elsker deg <3
et vull <3
volim te <3

p/s: last night was SS3 in Vietnam. final destination. ahhh~~ envy!! waiting for next year.. ^^ and today is Mother's Day. Really happy!! (^_^)


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