Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. (^^,)

Today.., no story or stories.. Hehe. Just want to update.. Addicted to typing (a part of reasons). Wahahahahaha. Yesterday.., my girl write something to me in Hangul writing.. WHOAAA!!! Who? Who? Who? Kekekeke. Still remember Bajejeng Nadua..?? Ahh~~ More familiar with Jen. Hehe. She's the one who write it!! Hey Jen.., are you confirm no spelling error..?? Hahahahha Always like teasing her.. kekekeke. ~~headphones. sorry *=P


munie my friend.. =) forever E.L.F.~ hahaha.. :p my name at the bottom..
-that was written in the pic-

Yeah... Of course Jenny. Forever E.L.F!! All blue.. Hahahahhaha. My excited didn't decrease.. Look at my nametag.. Can u read it?? Hahahahahahahahahah *=P

About Siwonie and Wookie.. I think not forever E.L.F.. Hmm.., supposed to be E.L.C. I guess.. EVERLASTING COUPLE. Hahahahahaha. Here come my craziness again lol!! (@_@) Let's stop day dreaming for a moment!! Agreed..?? *=P

Take care girl!!


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