Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Assalamualaikum... (^_^)

Omo~~ Tomorrow we're in June.. The middle of year.. Aishhhh~~ Too fast too furious <<--- why suddenly? haha

Well.. I will be wealthy person for this coming 20/6.. Alhamdulillah... Thanks to my bff, Ann for telling me there was part-time worker VACANCY (haha).. Hahahahahhaa. But suddenly.... Yah!! She told me the job start tomorrow.. Huh?! How come.. Seriously i'm not ready yet, i'm not preparing either mentally or physically. Duhhhhh~~ Plus, next week will be family vacation. No wayyyyyy!!! Huwaaaaaa. This is not fair.. Help me. Sob3 *=,(

IF it would start on coming 20/6.....,
i'll be ready for sure.
IF it would start on coming 20/6.....,
i'll be ready for leaving my Siwon for a time being.
IF it would start on coming 20/6.....,
i'll not be distract on my focus.
Family vacation.., how come i not going..??? Duhh

Islam didn't teach u to be "IF" Munie... Step forward and find the success..

Therefore i would say no for this part-time. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *=,(

Siwon-ah..., thanks for the smile.. Whoaaaaa... This really make me suddenly cheer up. Kekekekeke. Thanks for the update Simba. Really gumawo^^

I believed there were many doors opened to me.. I'll find that door..^^

Okay.., GTG. Wanna create happy day with my cousin (even lack of money. haha) live the fullest!! Oooo yeahhh!!! (^__^)

Goodbye, May... Welcome June.. ^^ May my day fulled of colourful shine. Thanks to Soldier of Light.. Spread his love.. Haha. *=P