Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hello everyone.. ^^

Finally 1st September come.. Aishhhh.. I knew that ELFs around the world will sad. But i promised i won't cry. (padahal tersentot gak tengok pic last heenim tweet)

..and today the first time i called him hyung (while tweet).. This is his last update (T_T) I guess he looks more mature with new hair.. (still gorgeous lol!)

Trans: I’ll go and be back

On September 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul thanked his fans and the press before formally enlisting with the army.

Hundreds of fans from all over the world crowded the entrance before his arrival. The star arrived wearing a hat, which he took off in order to greet his fans. With a bright smile, he began, “I wasn’t going to greet anyone before enlisting, but I think my haircut came out okay.”

He continued with a bow, “I’ll come back as an adult. Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. After making a cute pose for the cameras, he added, “Please edit the pictures nicely if you’re going to upload them!”


And i will missed his crazy tweet..

*that's why i love twitter.. twitter is real!!*

and i found this video.. oh my!!

just click at cc and the subtitle will appear.. ^^

see ya.., please keep healthy heenim.
♥ saranghae!! ♥


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