Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twitter is real!!

Hello there!!

Finally i have time to share about something that really made me touched.. And i have to admit.., i swear.. Today was such a beautiful day in my life as Siwonest.. ^^

Maybe it was nothing. But for me.. (i'm crying) That's why i choose Siwon Choi as my fav bias..

that's me right..?? hehe. only elf will understand it.. ^^

Okay.. Let me show you the path of the story..

1- this girl tweeted to this WeLoveChoiSiwon fan page..

2- I just noticed it when it was RT by WLCS fan page.. I was online at this time. Plus i didn't follow the girl..

3- Siwon tweeted this. (he already deleted this tweet) and Melody was trending..

*what could you say..?? Siwon really read the tweet right???*

3- See.. I'm also RT what Siwon Choi said to the girl..

4- Then he change to this tweet. And Melody keep trending. Power of elfs

Oh my!! I'm really.. IDK. Siwon just sweet.. My love increase to him. That was really guaranteed.. *=,)

**Based on update..., it was a little girl who was Sungmin's biased. She died because of leukemia.

I love you Siwon.. ♥

You really read when elfs mentioned you.. *=,)



Semoga panjang umoq, murah rezeki, hepi selalu.. Yang penting sila jangan langkah bendui aku.. Sekian, terima kasih.

May Allah blessed you always, cousin.. Love you always.. ^^ ♥


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