Friday, September 2, 2011

scrabble #7 crazy siblings were my cousins. erkk~~

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

On first Eid Mubarak at granny's house..., i was chatting and having 'hoo-haa- with Iman (since Nodeah and Amie were sleeping) And i told her that I found the chill and cool girl made a video via YT with simple words and sometimes really funny. Haahahhahahaha.

Then suddenly Iman whispered to me.

"I really like one guy. You want to know him..?? He's same age with you. 21.."

Erkkk~~ What the hell? She's really crazy. You already know i'm in love with Siwon Choi right..?? What a question..

"I didn't prefer guy same age as me lol!!"

"Me too.. If that boy older than me i will made him my boyfriend"

Wargh3. Anak ikan hang ja tu wey..


3rd Eid.., having an open house at my pak ngah's resident.. They're making bihun sup. Goshhh!! My favourite.. ♥ But we went there late in the evening because we still have guests coming at home.. ^^

I'm really fulled while at home. Seriously.. So when we arrived.., i asked Iman to stay in her bedroom. Sleepy... (-_-) zZzZ. Syida called me too.. ^^ Then suddenly 'Ammar shouted..

"Munie.., where are you..?"

"Iman's room!!"

He appeared at the door. "My friends want to pray. So i want to close the door.."

"Sure.." and the door didn't fully close.

"Ya!! Fully close!!"

"Seemed like they want to see you lol!"

"I don't care. Just close..."

My eyes... Want to close....

"Munie!! Your parents wanna go home.." Erkkk~~ This cousin is really!!

"Okay, okay."

Tidy up a little and went down.. There were still many guests at down floor..

(Ammar in front of me) "Fiancee" He said to his friend. I didn't notice some of his friend because i thought they were praying right..??

"My fiancee" What the heck? Erkk~~ (@_@) Turned back and give him punch symbol. Hahahahaha. Hang bab nak jatuhkan saham aku nombot 1..

They're such a really crazy. But i didn't mind. I love them soooo much. Yeah.. Teasing is fun!! Kekekkeke.

p/s: btw.., reni smtown kat tokyo kalaw x silap. aku chill ja.. x perlu risau sebab siwon x dak. hehe. beraya dengan aman.. *=P


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