Monday, September 5, 2011

The 2nd Last Day, Last Night at Home

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

I'm so tiring.. Will leave my beloved Kedah by tomorrow.. (-_-,) But.., (still have but) this morning until evening my two best-est classmates while in high school came to my home. Hidup 5 Fathonah!! Hahahahahahaha.

After long time no see.. Yeah!! This was great moment!! ^^


triangle love..??? mwahahhaha.
awat getah sayoq nampak kat tangan aku

just act. fully normal. kakakaka. naughty ara!!

idk why with these two..

wey tudung aku ghemot sebelah!!

Okay.., when you're with me must be in Super Junior mode. Hahahaha

Are you really happy when i smirked and Ara just ignoring you with her blurr face Ann..??

Check Ara's blog post here. Syiot. Buh pic aku hat tah pa2.. Wargh3...

Thanks to both of you after long time.. I guess the last one we meet was on 2009 ^^

p/s: umi..., hang b'tunang x habaq kat aku.. tapa. tapa.. (padahai bengang gila dah) grrrr (>_<)



  1. fewit..aku dh post gk gmbq smlm. cpt wt link. hahak

  2. wey aku wat link bkurun lama dah kot.. hang letak mana mata..??? aiyoooooo~~~