Saturday, September 3, 2011

such a messy day

Assalamualaikum.. ^^

Hello peeps!! I guess today was such a messy day. Hahhahahaha. I just take it easy.. Hehe. Chill!!

First of all..., still Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims for 5th Eid Mubarak day. Hehe. Okay.., life begin!!

I need to fill up form for medical check-up. Then the nationality.. What am i supposed to fill..?? Warganegara or Malaysia.. Then i asked my mommy.. She just ignore me..

"Malaysia or Warganegara..??"

My daddy yelled at me.. (#_#) "MALAYSIA!! You didn't even knew it?!"

Ohh.. Okay..

"You like Korea so much then why you didn't write your nationality is Korea?!"

I was shocked with my mommy words.. But seriously i wanna laughing. Keep it but smiling like crazy nut!! Laughing at that serious time will jump into hot soup!! Hahahaha.

You know what? My mom know that i'm k-pop freak.. She also knew that i love Super Junior (even she didn't know what is actually SJ.. Maybe she would think is that human or games? hahahaha. sorry 슈퍼 주니어)

Mom.., your daughter is siwonest and elf okay..?? ♥ ♥ ♥

Arrived at Darul Aman Clinic for check-up.. Since i had experience like 3 years ago.., so no biggie.. ^^ Applause please... Hahhahaa. Dato' Dr. Syed Yusoff Idid was the owner of the clinic. And i met his son too. Handsome.. But his dad more handsome. Hahahahhaa. *=P

What made me laugh was mostly people came to do a medical check-up. Puhahahahhaha. The nurse was Kak Nab. She keep talking, talking, talking. Hahahhaha. And the girl after me name Nor Munirah and i am Munirah. So that Kak Nab was really need to be careful or the result will... Hahahahha.

Dr. was having hard cough. I hope he will get well soon.. ^^

Stopped at City Plaza to find shoe. Didn't get it.. Duhhhh~~ And..., buy new phone. Hahahahaha. But surely not the type at my wish list.. Kekeke. Nokia C1 (even my mom offered Nokia X2.) Just the cheapest one. 2 megapix cam, 1GB memory card. RM210.. (realized no need to buy expensive mobile phone. traumatized my N70 was stolen by bitch).

Take a look at my previous phone.. *=P

is this really Nokia 7100 slide phone..?? hahahhaa.

and my new C1
(C-one pronunciation was like you pronounce Siwon. hahahahaha)

Thanks Mom!!

And i was sending 'Ammar to Penang International Airport at Bayan Lepas. He had to go back to Egypt.. (-_-,) I'm sad because he's my closest cousin.. Pretending to be cool. Hahahhaa.

Even my camera was not so good.., i still capture the lovely night on the Penang Bridge.. ^^ (I feel like i was on Incheon Bridge. Mwahahahha. Athena drama influence. Kekekke)

Everybody.., do visit my country, MALAYSIA especially Korean.. Please crazy to my country like i crazy towards your country.. ^^

At this time i'm wondering.., i should own DSLR.. Kekkee

Well cousin..., see you on next year!! Take care.. ^^



  1. tang mn karangan bhsa kedah hg? hbq mai. omputih saja. aku xreti omputih.xphm hg stori pa. hahahha

  2. hahahaha. wey pulun teruk.. minah salih pun kata senang paham post aku.. bahasa mudah haa.. aku taw grammar aku tunggang tbalik.. wat x nampak dah la wey.. kakakakakaka. aku taw la aku band 2 ja. x terer cm hang..